Anthony Judge: The Zen of Facticity — Bullshit, Sacred Oxen, & Other Artifacts of a Civilization in Decline

Cultural Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Zen of Facticity: Bull, Ox or Otherwise?

Herding facts and their alternatives in a post-truth-era

Tentative correspondences within a 10-bull framework
Cognitive entanglement of corresponding “stories” of insight emergence
Phase 1: In search of the “bull” — as questionable “facts”
Phase 2: Discovery of the footprints of the “bull” — as traces of disruptive misrepresentation
Phase 3: Perceiving the “bull” — as the challenge it constitutes
Phase 4: Catching the “bull” — grasping its implications
Phase 5: Taming the “bull” — constraining its disruptive consequences
Phase 6: Riding the “bull” home — benefitting from its convenience

Phase 7: The “bull” transcended — moving beyond its constraints
Phase 8: Both “bull” and self transcended — and the illusion they together constitute
Phase 9: Reaching the source of the “bull” — and its self-referential implications
Phase 0: Return to society — knowing it for the first time
Implication in interwoven “bull” and “ox” themes
Facticity, alternative facts and Zen?
What really exists — truthfully?
Non-linear patterns of distinctions constrained by number
Circular configuration of cognitive phases framing toroidal experience?
Engaging with the missing — however encircled or encycled
Eliciting the “pattern that connects” via “bull”?
Reframing “winning” through neural network learning — as “bullying”?

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