Barack Obama: $400K for One Speech — What’s Not to Like?

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What’s not to like? Cleanest bribe I ever took….and if you really think I ever represented anyone other than the Deep State, you are exactly the seriously stupid kind of person the Democratic Party loves to have in its base….

Obama’s $400G Wall Street speech leaves liberal base stunned

“Even if he donates the money from this Wall Street firm to charity, his speech and remuneration reminds ‘ordinary’ working class people that both major political parties are in bed with Big Business,” said David Michael Smith, of the Houston Socialist Movement. “In my view, our country needs a new kind of political party and social movement to represent the vast majority of the population, not the wealthy few.”

Phi Beta Iota: Donald Trump is easily worth $20B if he will roll over and play dead for the Rothschilds. The jury is still out on whether than money was offered and/or accepted.

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