English Democrats: #SixStarMovement — Six Reforms

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We need to reform our system and take back control. #SixStarMovement

Graham Moore:

I fully support the English Democrats manifesto which can be found here. Our nation needs proper Democratic representation.

Also in my “opinion” in order to progress and create value and wealth we need six things.  The Bradbury Pound paid for WW1, in my opinion we should pay for English University Tuition fees and NHS using “The Bradbury Pound”.  #MakeEnglandGreatAgain

Value is about Location, Location, Location and England will be the best Location for family life in the world with these 6 steps. #SixStarMovement

  1. It would be better for England if our politicians weren’t career politicians with no business skills, no job creation skills, no life experience.   It would be better if those who stand for election had work and life experience of those you seek to represent.  The primary goal of any politicians should be the interests of the People, not a party, not self interest.  We should adopt a system where politicians get paid not by salary but on results and the quality of life of the people improving.  If they fail us, we don’t pay them the bonuses.  Lets see how many would step up to the plate, things would soon change for the better.
  2. Proportional representation, preferably MMP (Mixed Member Proportional).
    • It is the fairest system in the world, you win by votes not by area.
  3. The monetary system that exists today is a fraud on the people, money creation must be created by the government and the people not private banks. The fractional reserve system (current banking system) is a major fraud on the working people of this Country.
    • www.positivemoney.org
    • Value and Wealth are distinct from each other.
      • Value is our sweat, blood and tears. It is a fair society for all, infrastructure, industry, education, health system (NHS), care for the elderly, care for disabled, care for veterans.
      • Wealth is creating an environment for jobs, environmental sustainability, opportunity
      • Policing by consent means politics stays out of policing
  4. Combined with the new money creation we need a version of the Bradbury pound.  I have called it Public Sector Pound (PSP). It has nothing to do with the outside world, it is English money for those who live and work in England.  The Currency and Notes Act 1914.
  5. A tax system that works and is proven to work that is proportional and progressive to a max of 17% or optional flat rate.  Simplified English tax system, whereas our current system is 11500 pages and rising or we use the Land Value Tax (LVT) that Winston Churchill proposed in his 1909 “Peoples Budget” which was defeated by the land owners.  Land value tax would be the only tax payable, no income tax, no VAT, no Council tax, we guarantee.    Just a single simple payment.
  6. A bill of rights for the English (an English Constitution) and a completely independent English Parliament.
    • The protection of children; abuse of children must be the “ultimate crime”.
    • An allegiance to England no matter what a persons colour, religion, atheism or sexuality.
    • Politics cannot be part of any religion and religion can play no part in politics.
    • Justice cannot be part of any religion and must be struck out.
    • War and violence must not be encouraged by “any” religion.
    • No religion may subvert or attempt to subvert human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights and animal rights.
    • No form of political correctness should subvert free speech.
    • No form of political or religious subversion may take place in educational establishments (pre, infants, primary, secondary, college, training or University).

The English have invented a world beating global free energy medium – Graphene – via Manchester University.  Clean cheap energy, no need for nuclear, no need for fossil fuels, no fracking, no wind turbines, check this out and you will be amazed.  Please tell your friends to join the only party that truly cares about the environment.  Free Thinkers.



These things can be achieved, working people can be elevated into positions where they can make a difference.

Graham Moore

England for the English.

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