Steven Aftergood: US Army Deeply Vulnerable to Armed UAVs Comment by Robert Steele

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Steven Aftergood


Having developed and utilized unmanned aerial systems (UAS, or drones) for surveillance, targeting and attack, the US military now finds itself in the position of having to defend against the same technology.

The US Army last week issued a new manual on Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System Techniques (ATP 3-01.81, April 13, 2017).

“UASs have advanced technologically and proliferated exponentially over the past decade,” the manual notes. “As technology has progressed, both reconnaissance and attack capabilities have matured to the point where UASs represent a significant threat to Army, joint, and multinational partner operations from both state and non-state actors.”

The unclassified Army document describes the nature of the threat and then considers the options that are available for dealing with it. These range from various forms of attack avoidance (“Operate at night or during limited visibility”) to active defense, such as surface-to-air weapons.

“Defending against UAS is a difficult task and no single solution exists to defeat all categories of the… threat,” the manual says.

Last week, the Islamic State released video footage of one of its drones dropping a bomb on an Iraqi target, Newsweek reported.

Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE:  War is over. The bankers wish this were not so but the fact is that the cost ratio is now fatal — asymmetric warfare can spend $1 to knock down $500 to $1000 worth of conventional weaponry (and even less if they go after rear-area weak links such as our shit C4I systems) and they can do this forever.  War is over. Donald Trump appears to have been blackmailed or bribed or both and is now in the service of the Deep State BUT (big BUT) it is possible he is a genius and wearing a Noh mask while he and Putin back-channel the Deep State to death.  I pray this is so but I am founding a We the People movement with Cynthia McKinney to bring Alt-Right, people of color, Latinos, Sandernistas, Tea Party Patriots, and the small parties as well as Indendents together on the ONE THING that can bury the Deep State: the Electoral Reform Act of 2017.

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