Yoda: Memorandum for the President in Trump-Speak

Cultural Intelligence

Citizen write – right citizen is.


The entire political game is rigged against you.

The Deep State is playing you, lying to your face and laughing behind your back.

You will win when you change the rules, rally the American People and #Unrig the system.

7 Ways to Immediately Change the Rules and Win

  1. The election is over. Preibus and his minions now protect the Swamp.  Fire them all.  Hire a new Chief of Staff (such as David Stockman) who is truly and doggedly loyal to you and your campaign promises to the American People.
  2. Completely destroy all fake news and social media manipulation and censorship. Fire Brad Parscale.  Hire Gregg Phillips (AutoGov) and Rick Davis (PollMole) to create The Trump Media Channel.  Send a Trump-et and receive instant honest feedback from 150 million citizens on a single screen.
  3. Payback the agencies that are spying on you and your family. Gut and Fire the NSA. Cut CIA 50% [end all CIA operations smuggling gold, cash, weapons, drugs, human organs and sex slaves] and hire Robert David Steele to transform remainder, with the 30% worth saving from terminated agencies, into a new Open Source Intelligence Agency (OSA).
  4. Payback Paul Ryan’s healthcare reform sabotage. Hire Karl Denninger to champion a new bill laser-focused on the core issues:  Price.  Standardization.  Outcomes.  Include Federal legalization of marijuana (and hemp oil) and watch your bipartisan support go viral.
  5. Hire Edgar Feige to champion your tax reform bill. Rocket the American Economy by putting the American People first (not Goldman Sachs).  Eliminate the Income Tax, IRS and the national debt with the implementation of an Automated Payment Transaction Tax.
  6. Be the new dealmaker for the American people. Have 150 million indebted citizens individually assign you as their agent to re-negotiate all their debts [student, family credit card, elderly medical, small business, etc] with the banks.  If Wall Street doesn’t play ball, cancel the debt and issue all citizens presidential pardons.  Greatest President ever.
  7. Be the new unifier. Organize an Electoral Reform Summit [#UNRIG] that includes all political parties [Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, Reform, Socialist, Independents, Working Families, Justice, etc.].  Barnstorm the nation.  Kickstart an honest, uncensored, un-politically-correct, common-sense conversation with all American people.  Destroy the two-party tyranny.  Be the civil-rights president no one else has the balls to be.



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