Anonymous: Mind Control Case Study – Psychotronics and the Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) Threat — Was Donald Trump Implanted During His Hair Operation?


Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge but believe this information to be credible and worthy of deep investigation if the Deep State can be defeated and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) re-constituted as a genuine counterintelligence organization with integrity in public service. There are increasing signs that the Deep State is using psychotronics to manipulate and intimidate the President, Donald Trump, while threatening his family.

Anonymous Source Writes:

I believe that Michael Aquino, possibly with the help of John B Alexander and Sandia Labs, and Los Alamos Labs is sending out Ex- Army, as contractors, on current government contracts, to live all over the world. They are training local occultists in PSYCHOTRONICS.


Stanford University- SRI and the Army and NASA have been studying and using psychotronics.


Lieutenant Col. Thomas E Bearden PhD, MS (nuclear engineering, Bs mathematics-minor electronic engineering, co-inventor-the 2002 Motionless Electromagnetic Generator- a replicated over-unity EM generator Listed as “Who’s Who in American 2002 (retd) – “Some of subject’s symptoms are from Psychotronic and Scalar Weapons.”

Retired Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army Tom Bearden is a theorist of a collection interacting processes in energy technology, mind-matter interaction, electromagnetic-biological effects, and unified field theory concepts.



  • Psychotronics– is the remote energetic manipulation of a being. A psychotronic weapon can target a specific person and cause virtually any symptom. It operates from a distance and creates no trace which can be measured with commonly available instruments. Pychotronic weapons have been under development since the days of Tesla. Present-day weapons are more advanced than we can imagine. Psychotronic and scalar weapons are the only known potential cause for all the symptoms experienced by our friends. When we talked to physicist Tom Bearden about the symptoms he claimed that they could only be caused by an electron interferometry device.

Living Systems and Quantum Potentials  

It turns out that the living organism utilizes a quantum potential _ a special scalar potential connecting all its internal atomic nuclei _ for its volition, deep control, and mind and thought processes and operations. This can even be taken as a flat definition of a living system. A living system utilizes internal WZ structuring of this scalar potential connecting all the atoms (nuclei) of its body mass, for its deepest control processes. Any system not having or doing this is not a living system. This also resolves the age-old philosophical question of how mental intent cm cause physical response, but that is beyond the scope of my presentation. It also explains why viruses can be precipitated out of solution as a crystal, and the crystal stored for decades. Then when the crystal is re-dissolved, the individual viruses separate and resume their “living” state. Suspended animation of the viruses results when their physical matter and its quantum potential remain intact, and the stored WZ structures in the quantum potentials on the atomic nuclei of that matter remain the same.

Psychotronic weapons + Radio Frequency weapons+ Wireless Body Area Networks + IEEE + Hand held Microwave Weapons + U.S. Military contractors + Academia Research and Development projects via NIH Grant Money + Black Ops.+ Non official OFAC/ Terrorist watch lists + Life Insurance is destroying the lives of “Targeted Individuals, of which 70% are single women and children

Who is trying to murder me and my daughter for profit & Who is behind the intended slavery of humanity?

And now for the longer personal study….

First, let me say thank you for all of the energy and time that you have put out to educate us. I love listening to you.  You are an excellent teacher and speaker, and your integrity and concern is evident. You have my support.

Before I get started, let me tell you that my story is so unbelievable that I resorted to taking psychological tests known as MMPI’s. to prove my sanity………… others.

I have the highest scores proving honesty, lack of deviance, etc.

I am interested in sharing my story with you. It is a crime affecting millions, but not being represented. I chose you to reach out to because the names that you credit, are people that I also respect.

I have only voted once. I voted for Trump because I did not want Hillary. I knew that there was no chance at saving my daughter’s life if Hilary won. I went to Mara Logo on Christmas with a packet of evidence, but security refused it.

I have listened to President Trumps backwards masking, exposing his subconscious. Work done by Mr. Oats, on the Jeff Rense show. He has changed since taking office. He changed after stating that he was getting headaches at the WH. This sounds like microwave Radio Frequency mind manipulation or Remote Neural Monitoring or Psychotronics. (Remote Neural Monitoring is capable after one is implanted in the sinus and on the scalp with scalp resonators. A full Body Area Network is not necessary.) A person’s EEG brain waves are manipulated easily with today’s technology. (This technology is easily documented with the patents, some of which use the term “Master and slave” in the description filed with the U.S. patent office. The rest of the technology is already fifty years old.

I have great respect for Cynthia McKinney, Ross Perot, Dennis Kucinich,  and Jesse Ventura. Mr. Ventura did a show called Mind Invaders that disclosed PART of this crime. One man interviewed died immediately after disclosing evidence on the show. Trust me the show barely scratched the surface of what is the biggest human rights violation in human history If we do not stop it, we will be looking at the end of FREEWILL. Some believe that this is how the Israelites were enslaved.

I have the missing evidence that Mr. Ventura did not have on his show. It is a giant octopus involving Goldman Sachs, the Intel agencies, corporatocracy, military contracts, the patriot Act, the 4G and 5G grid and 114 universities, all studying the brain on grant money. An Air Force Base in Kyrgyzstan (formerly known as MANAS ) is involved sending the signals to Juniper Networks which in turn sends the signals/data to the universities.

To accomplish this crime of torture and mind control, they utilize contractors, I.E. retired military from all branches. Some have stated to me that they are not contractors but rather government employees.

The community policing (possibly Infra Guard) utilize local sheriff and state troopers and local police. They also  pay drug addicts and drug dealers to come near me and dial / turn on the bio medical devices that have been placed in my brain and body unknowingly and illegally. Most people just think that they are sick and turn to medications.

To accomplish this, they have placed 9 GPS tracking devices in my body and eight in my daughter. The GPS along with the close to 100 Bio medical devices in our brain, spine, upper digestion, anus, vagina, hands, feet, eyes, ears, scalp ………….is a WBAN.

Anyone who has undergone ANY elective surgery can easily end up with scalp resonators for tracking and SINUS IMPLANTS for PROGRAMMABLE MIND MANIPULATION. Anyone who believes that their doctor was/is trustworthy is naive.

DONALD TRUMP may have been implanted when he had his hair transplant operation, he violently raped his wife Ivanka shortly after returning home from this operation.

A Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is a special purpose sensor network designed to operate autonomously to connect various medical sensors and appliances, located inside and outside of a human body.

It is also called a Body Area Network. The entire program is licensed under the FCC.

This is human trafficking on steroids. Criminals implant people for Universities who get grant money to study people for brain disorders, …who don’t have brain disorders and don’t even know that they are in the program. For instance, I am in an autism program!  Then the criminal “contractors” dial the “bio medical implants” to send the data to the universities to keep their funding coming.

The entire crime is carried out by the contractors and community policing who micro manage the drug users and the occultists to stalk the victims to “turn on” the bio medical devices and hook the person up to the local cell phone tower. The resonance signals of their bodies is then sent to the universities so that they can continue to claim patients in their research and development programs to keep the grant money flowing.

The radio frequency microwave kills the victim, so the corporatocracy takes life insurance policies out on them.

IEEE has been aggressively publishing” Interdisciplinary monitoring” of Body Area Networks. On the surface it looks as if it is designed to help first responders in the event that you are incapacitated.

It is for all citizens to be fully monitored and tortured and CONTROLLED via the 4G grid utilizing cell towers.

I have undeniable proof/evidence to support all claims. I hired Private Investigators and many expert witnesses. I have had many surgeries to collect evidence.

This is  being hidden under state secrets laws. President Obama had a two-year investigation titled The Bio Ethics Committee Hearings. Shamefully the White House, after two years, sent out hundreds of letters telling the victims being tortured by this crime that the White House does not investigate crime.

I voted for President Trump believing his platform promises. I am not alone when I assumed that President Trump would do away with Obamas executive orders that have allowed this torture of women and children in America. I assumed possibly naively that President Trump would not allow such atrocities and human rights violations on his watch.

I have studied this crime since 2001. Noone in the “program” is ever let out because the end goal is the keep the grant money flowing to the universities and to find a system for total control and slavery of the entire world population.

I think that I was put in this program because I had a highly functioning pineal gland which makes one very intuitive and loving. I was studied by doctors just prior to being placed in the program.

It is believed that they did this to many scientists and inventors to steal their ideas.  I have concluded that they are interested in destroying the Pineal Gland.  It is not hard to get supporting evidence for this conclusion.

It looks like a Nazi Regime, left over from Project Paperclip.

One would think that if you have a body full of illegal devices, you would get them removed. Wrong. First, I had to find them on my own. Although I can look at MRI’s, you would think that a radiologist would find them. Well, talk about idiots! Radiologists are deliberately taught not to find them. Then, if I go to surgeons and ask them to remove them, most get visited by intel agents who threaten them. (Let me explain that my daughter’s skull was cut and a large device placed on her brain.)

Local Florida police and Florida Sheriff drive behind my vehicle and “dial” the device, making my daughter have epileptic seizures, then they use a weapon called a neuro phone, telling her to kill me while I drive the car.

My life has turned into a living hell. If I explain this, the people can understand how the corrupt Deep State have controlled the congress and the presidents with modern technology, that is sometimes undetectable.

I am ready for an appeals court, knowing that justice is impossible when a crime is protected under state secret laws.  And for anyone who thinks that the ACLU helps people like me……..wrong! They appear to be more government propaganda. The ACLU has been notified by thousands of victims…..they are not interested in this crime!


the Larson Report – U.S. Government Torture

Criminal and Scientific Misconduct Involving Neural Prosthesis Research Funded by the. NIH/NINDS/NPP and The Alfred E. Mann Foundation. David A. Larson.

Mr. Dave Larson won his court case and was forced to sign a gag order. He removed 53 bio medical devices that were placed in his body torturing him psychologically and with physical pain. Since his case, there have been many more cases proving that surgeons and dentists are taking money to implant unsuspecting citizens. All hidden in black ops projects, a Deep State program, protected from scrutiny by state secrets laws.

Seventy percent of victims are woman and children. Most victims of this crime are college educated, and were productive members of society. The children of the adult victims are also implanted and tortured with Radio Frequency via bio medical implants.

Additionally, I have helped black men who have been accused of crimes that they did not commit. While in prison, they were implanted for this illegal research. It is common place now. First, they implanted the Vietcong sympathizers, (THE PHOENIX PROGRAM) then the VA implanted our veterans. Then the CIA doctors implanted people in mental hospitals, most of which were adopted children.It has been going on in mental hospitals for fifty years. It is going on in private and state mental hospitals. It is going on in prisions.  Now, rich husbands, and  military men doing it as a career to their wives, children, girlfriends.

Over fifty books have been written about many of these abuses, and yet, or government does nothing. A great book which got the author Dr. Rauin Kilde murdered is called Bright Lights on Dark Shadows.

I also believe that the transgenders are implanted. If they slept in a faraday, blocking out all Radio Frequency mind manipulation, they may feel like men again. The power of radio frequency mind control is evident when you consider that it can get a man to surgically remove his private parts.

REDACTED has a part of the story. He got involved in investigating “Targeted individuals”. with directed energy weapons. The problem is, he got involved with a group of people who do not have any evidence and several are limited hang out agents. These people may be hit with hand held microwave weapons but they are a distraction to hide the bigger story.

The bigger picture is about brain washing, torture, control and the destruction of the Pineal Gland from radio frequency using the 4G grid and cell towers. This technology is being used to destroy our minds, our bodies and society. With the End Game being total enslavement of humanity.

There seems to be much controversy between groups as to “if” a person has to be implanted for total control and surveillance. Many believe that once a person’s EEG BRAIN WAVES are collected, they can be controlled. It is my belief that implants are still needed for total control.  DARPA’S super soldier website explains the capabilities and the continued use of bio medical implants. If they did not need implants, one might ask why IEEE is marketing an “interdisciplinary” plan for society.

Brain implants are mentioned in the lawsuit initiated by Esq. Gordon Erspamer Mr Erspamer represented 7,800 Vietnam Vets. They state that they were implanted with brain implants by the VA hospitals and their lives ruined. The lawsuit claims that the Vets have hardwired implants in their brains.

This fits in perfectly with the claim of this letter. It also fits into the PHOENIX PROGRAM IN VIETNAM. WE MUST STOP PRESIDENT TRUMP FROM BRINGING IT BACK.


If president Trump is being blackmailed, it is possible that my story has the potential to explain his way out of the crime that they might have set him up with.  When he started working at the White House, he stated that he started to get headaches. That sounds like the weapons of  mind control described in this letter.

I am currently living outside the USA because the “hit” on my head is easier in the united states utilizing the 4G grid in conjunction with the community policing groups such as INFRAGARD. I am on the OFAC/ Terrorist Watch List, as is my 23 year old daughter. (I got a copy) I am said to commit crimes under aliases.  I have never been convicted of a crime. This might be being used to get the “contractors” to assault me with Radio Frequency. I am an American typical of many who have mixed ancestry. My blood is a mix of Irish, Dutch, Native American etc.

Finally, I must say that my ex-husband is the one who put us in this program. He is an heir to a fortune four hundred corporation. In fact, the way that I learned of this crime years ago was from a New York City Family Practice Lawyer who stated, “Rich men don’t divorce their wives anymore, they chip them and they die of cancer so they don’t’ have to split the money.”

All citizens must become aware that major corporations hire security firms made up of ex- military who have knowledge and access to all of the weapons mentioned in this letter. Some men have made their careers being the “handlers” of implanted women and children. Others have made careers doing the implanting, by breaking into the home while families sleep. Yet others kidnap women and children for the program and take them to surgeons. My ex- husband paid a security firm to stalk   me and use a Neuro Phone, ( a mind manipulation device) placing the thought into my mind, to have cosmetic surgery. The surgeon was then paid off to implant me. I have lived in debilitating pain since 2001. This is a hate crime. The perpetrators of the crime are paid by those who help the universities get “patients” for research and development projects.

I am told that by placing me under surveillance on the OFAC/ Terrorist Watch List, the FBI is NOT ALLOWED TO INVESTIGATE THE CRIME BEING PERPETRATED AGAINST ME AND MY CHILD.

Once one understands the nature of the weapons, it is easy to see the many uses for them to control and manipulate anyone. These weapons are used to steal real property, and to even steal someone’s wife.

Citizens are at a great disadvantage because they do not know of these weapons. The military and security firms would like to keep it that way.

My ex- father in-law is a government contractor for the MK Ultra program. He was the one who “picked” me to study the Pineal Gland, which is known by ancient societies to be the “connection to love and truth. If evil groups can stop this characteristic of natural man, they can control all humans, making a slave race.  Men at the top of this crime are on the boards of the largest hospitals in Los Angeles, CA and Israel. They have been implanting babies for decades already in preparation of a slave race.

I also believe that my ex-husband has a life insurance policy or policies on me and our daughter. The entire Life Insurance industry is rife with murder. Look into Stranger Life Insurance and Pensioner Life Insurance.

We must wake up our leaders or lose all that is natural and good.


American woman tortured since 2001.

UPDATE: We have received many emails from people who have suffered from or know someone that has suffered from mind-control experiments. From it's inception CIA's Allen Dulles encouraged the pursuit of mind-control experiments starting with drugs — today this has evolved to very sophisticated remote electromagnetic attacks that can even be isolated  to a single individual based on their DNA, as well as implants. The evidence continues to mount that many murders that appear completely anomalous — a person “losing their mind” and then not remembering anything — and of course many of the false flag patsies, are mind control victims. Bill Clinton as president was forced to apologize for human experimentation with radiation — not the same thing as mind control, but analogous. Elements of  the US Government have committed many great crimes against our own public and many foreign publics. A day of reckoning is coming, we pray that it will be an ethical, legal, non-violent reckoning.

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