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In the aftermath of my speech in NYC on 18 May 2017, to an audience that was 50% fans who are already awake and 50% New Yorkers who are not yet awake and were therefore shocked by my mention of the Vatican as part of the Deep State and the role of pedophilia and child abuse including child murder and blood-drinking, I have received several emails asking for more information. Below is what I am able to provide on the fly. I made two separate comments that are inter-twined:

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Elements of the Catholic Church, not necessarily the Church as a matter of policy, abuse children and also take children from unwed mothers and sell them into pedophilia networks — most children are simply kidnapped — imagine the vulnerability of a 3rd or 4th grader or younger walking home from their bus stop if parents are not there to meet them.  Church is perhaps 20% of the child abuse problem.  For the rest it is simply business — trade in children is very profitable.

Separate from the Church, but including elements of the Church, are the Illuminati and Satanists that use rituals including child murder and the drinking of adrenalized children's blood as well as the harvesting of body organs and bone marrow, are part of their very sick insular culture that assumes they are the masters of the universe and we are all animals to be harvested and abused to their pleasure.

There are thousands of references and I will ask one of my fans to come up with a list but I am at the macro or meta level and have no time at all for micro.

Here is the result of a simple search:

and another

People have been trained from birth to be oblivious to the worst aspects of our society.  God Bless Donald Trump and after a fashion Sheepdog Bernie Sanders because they both — but Trump particularly — gave me life. I have  not been heard before Trump, now I am being heard. My hope is that the larger public will make #UNRIG their own mission in life.

My planned briefing can be seen here. Had I been doing a formal brief focused only on the launch, I would have used the graphics and words below:

I will repeat my NYC performance in Philadelphia on 7 June.

Event: Robert Steele in Philadelphia 7 June 2017


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