Berto Jongman: Water, Climate, & Conflict — the Risks that Deep State Makes Worse…

Berto Jongman

Water, climate and conflict: security risks on the increase?

This briefing note explores the multidimensional relationship between water, climate change, human security and political conflict. The relationship between human security and water- and climate-related stressors such as floods, droughts and reduced food availability is quite straightforward. The relationships between water,climate and political conflict, however, are complex and depend strongly on political,economic, societal and cultural contexts. Water and climate conditions in the world are expected to change dramatically due to population growth, further economic development and climate change.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Completely apart from the fact that the Rothschilds and the Vatican and their banker servants in the City of London and Wall Street treat war and misery as a profit center, we have the retarded corrupt US Government that has become a National Security State. The President should abolish the National Security Council — a pimp for the whores of war — and have instead a National Strategy Council led by a clerk instead of a czar — able to help the President focus on all threats, all policies, all true costs, all the time. Donald Trump can be the greatest president ever — but first he needs to flush all the traitors and mediocrities and dismantle the institutionalized elements of fascism that are in constant betrayal of the public trust, restructuring the government to focus on America First and peace & prosperity for all instead of concentrated wealth and power for the few. Below are several graphics. No one in the US Government knows how to do all this for the President.

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Here is how our President can get to where he needs to go:

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