Anonymous: De-Mystifying the Concept of the Deep State

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Demystifying the Concept of the Deep State – A Mutual Back-Scratch Society of Political Machines, A Hierarchy of Powerful Interests Collectively Running the Show from Positions of Hiding, Stratified According to Degree of Power

Unfortunately, a wide swath of America sees everything through a political filter—left wing versus right win, etc. So since President Trump is currently using the term “deep state,” people of a so-called left orientation may tune out if they are not already familiar with the concept of the deep state. So I think it’s important to get past people’s filters, no matter where their position is along the political spectrum.
Probably the best way to get the concept across is to explain that the deep state is nothing new. What’s new is the depth and breadth of it and the number and power of the tools they have at their disposal: intelligence institutions and networks, the internet, hacking capabilities, majorities of politicians that are bought and paid for, etc.
The deep state is simply a newer, bigger, and more powerful version of the political machines of America’s past, like Tammany Hall and Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago. The entire nation of Mexico is an example of political machines run amok. The deep state in Mexico is organized crime, because it subverts the democratic process.
In my opinion, any discussion of the deep state should begin with a simple explanation of what the deep state actually is, so people will see that it’s not some far-fetched conspiracy theory or self-serving propaganda tool to be used against one’s political opponents. It’s important to get through people’s ideological and political filters so they can see that this issue is relevant to everyone and is a real, and dangerous and massive problem. And there’s nothing mysterious about it. The political machines have grown up! They have merged. And it is a hierarchy, with people at the top of it.
The deep state is about power behind the scenes trying to subvert the democratic process. It’s been around since the beginning of America. President Washington was very familiar with political machines and was disgusted by them. They sprang up more or less spontaneously as soon as the United States Constitution was finished. It’s nothing new. But the deep state in its current stage of evolution is gargantuan. And the potential for evil is unprecedented. Even Hitler couldn’t have dreamed of such power.
Here’s a good article on machine politics. (The Encyclopedia of Chicago).
Phi Beta Iota: The above, while useful, does not sufficiently emphasize that it is the financial power of the Rothschilds and the Vatican, controlling the City of London, Wall Street, and all central (private) banks world-wide, that is actually the root of the Deep State.  All others are merely servants to the Rothschilds and the Vatican.

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