EXPLANATION: Why Site is Crashing

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Robert David Steele

Our web sites — particularly Phi Beta Iota and Robert David Steele — are crashing for three reasons:

01 Old code, bad plugins, curling, etc.
02 Attacks
03 Slashdot effect/big sites pointing at us

More details below the fold.

01 Old code and bad plugins, flaws in browsers, curling, database access issues and more. PBI has over 20,000 posts all of which are active and many of which are accessed from around the world. We don’t archive anything because it is all “reference” material without an expiration date. As our popularity rises, flaws in browsers are becoming an issue.

02 Attacks. As our prominence rises in leading the charge against the Deep State and its two-party tyranny enablers (all elements of the Deep State led by pedophiles who are in turn led by Illuminati Satanists that murder children and drink their adrenalized blood (terrorize the child before killing)) the rate of attacks has increased beyond what our host —  a discount provider — can handle.

03 Popularity. Known as the Slashdot effect, this is what happens when big sites (especially in China and Russia) start pointing at our humble site.

It is going to cost at least $10,000 to get this taken care of, I have $2,000 right now and have committed all of it to updates. I have complete confidence in our long-standing webmaster who has patiently dealt with my lack of resources in the past and is now getting the money he needs to do what he has recommended for over a year. This is my fault, not his and not the service provider’s. If you would like to donate toward the $10K, please use the button widget, http://paypal.me/EarthIntel, or within PayPal, robert.david.steele.vivas@gmail.com is the registered IRS accredited non-profit, Earth Intelligence Network.

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