Robert Steele: Press Release on Deep State Speech in NYC

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Robert David Steele

Robert David Steele, EIN CeO, to Speak on the Deep State – A Spy’s Perspective

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Robert David Steele will discuss Deep State attempts to subvert the President; the specifics of our rigged election system, and seven ideas for empowering our President.

New York, New York (PRUnderground) May 1st, 2017

At the invitation of Viewpoint, Robert David Steele, former spy recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, will speak in NYC on the evening of 18 May 2017, on the topic of “The Deep State versus Trump State: A Spy’s Perspective.” An outline of his planned presentation, and a link to register, are available online.

Briefly a candidate for the Reform Party nomination for president in 2012, Steele became the foremost proponent for integrated election reform with his briefing to Occupy in 2011 that made the front page of Reddit and then went viral. Steele is also the author of the Trump Revolution series at Amazon Kindle.

The twelve-point Election Reform Act of 2017 is the centerpiece of the new public education campaign entitled We the People – Unity for Integrity.  #UNRIG is the hashtag.

We the People – Unity for Integrity seeks to bring together the Alt-Left, Alt-Right, small parties, people of color, Latinos, and Independents, urging them to set aside all ideological and issue differences, so as to achieve one common objective, to end the Deep State, with one common solution: the Election Reform Act.

While in New York City Steele will be meeting with a number of black leaders who have agreed that the time has come to move beyond the two-party tyranny and form a movement of all citizens to one end: the restoration of integrity to the US Government.

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