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Jospeh Cotto

The San Francisco Review of Books is about to start posting some of Robert Steele's 2000+ non-fiction reviews for Amazon (all available free online in both lists and by each of 98 categories at Phi Beta Iota / Reviews).  Here are some answers he offered to our questions in five short postings:

As Published:

01 Robert Steele with Joseph Ford Cotto, “Interview: Ex-spy Robert David Steele says the ‘CIA has lost its moral center,'San Francisco Review of Books, May 29, 2017.

02 Robert Steele with Joseph Ford Cotto, “Interview: Ex-spy Robert David Steele says “God Bless Donald Trump” and “Bernie Sanders“; explains why,” San Francisco Review of Books, May 30, 2017.

03 Robert Steele with Joseph Ford Cotto, “Interview: Ex-spy Robert David Steele explains why the deep state is entrenched in American life.San Francisco Review of Books, May 31, 2017.

04 Robert Steele with Joseph Ford Cotto, “Interview: Ex-spy Robert David Steele explains why some US intelligence agents are against Donald Trump,” San Francisco Review of Books, June 1, 2017.

05 Robert Steele with Joseph Ford Cotto, “Interview: Ex-spy Robert David Steele explains why Cynthia McKinney should be Donald Trump's vice president,” San Francisco Review of Books, June 2, 2017.

Original Q&A Below the Fold

Q: How did being a spy differ most from the James Bond-like impression untold billions have about intelligence work?

I have previously said three things about spying that are still true:

01 The top skill in spying after listening is typing — four hours of typing for every hour of secret agent meeting.

02 Spying is in some ways like being a cop — 90% crushing bordom and 10% sheer terror.  Picture many long hours waiting for agents to show up to a meeting in a gutter-level hotel on the edge of a slum — and being under imminent threat of arrest while having someone else's diplomatic pouch in the trunk of your car.

03 There are seven CIA's not one, 90% of the CIA lives in a cubicle and never faces real danger, and 90% of the CIA consists of good people trapped in a bad system — the two do not overlap exactly. A portion of CIA — the portion involved in drone assassinations, rendition & torture, regime change operations, and individual assassination, is downright evil.

To all of this I would add my most recent statement: that the main reason we have 1,000 military bases all over the world is to facilitate CIA smuggling for the elite of gold, cash, drugs, guns, and small children — we need to stop that and close all those overseas bases — and repeat my long-standing statement across many books and other works: 70% or more of the secret intelligence community, and especially the NSA programs for spying on and blackmailing US politicans and judges while also doing mass surveillance on the public, are downright evil and should be shut down by our President, Donald Trump.

Q: How was being a spy similar to the James Bond-like impression untold billions have about intelligence work?

I have never been licensed to kill nor have I been a party to an operation that led to death.  I did run a false flag operation once — that means nothing more of less  than “not what it appeared to be.” My general sense is that we rely too heavily on foreign services such as the secret police of Saudi Arabia and the Mossad for dirty work, we farm our black prisons out to Central Asia and Eastern Europe, we are morally empty, and we have no direction. CIA and the other secret agencies do not actually save the world or America, they are simply cesspools in which we grind up and flush trillions of dollars of the tax-payers money combined with trillions of dollars of money that we borrow from banks, unconstitutionally.

Q: What aspect of espionage did you find most rewarding?

I continue to recommend the secret intelligence world to anyone who can get accepted. 1 in 25,000 is my impression, at least for the clandestine service. We need spies and secrecy, particularly in the counterintelligence arena, but we need Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) more — CIA has fought me on this, marginalized me, killed stories by the complicit media on my vision, paid foreign intelligence services to ignore me, because they know that my vision will cut their budget in half while increasing by 10X to 100X the amount of intelligence (decision-support)  that can be provided to the President, the Cabinet, and our front-line diplomats, aid workers, military officers, and commercial attaches. As now managed, secret intelligence is a threat to the USA, not a foundation for peace and prosperity.

There is no substitute for being inside the belly of the beast when the time comes to kill the beast. My life is dedicated to supporting our President and destroying the Deep State, restoring integrity to our government and eventually creating a prosperous world at peace for all.

Q: Judging from your experience with fellow operatives, do you believe that most of them entered their profession due to love of country, or were less patriotic factors principally at work?

I think in 3's and 7's. In the past, most joined for patriotic reasons. The CIA clandestine service is the absolute pinnacle of service to the Republic. However, I now realize that Wall Street created CIA — there is no substitute for reading David Talbott's The Devil's Chessboard — and that CIA has lost its moral center — it has been hiring retards and criminals such as the people that led the renditiion & torture program, it co-conspires with agents of foreign powers including the Saudi and Israeli and French intelligence services who do false flag operations some of which kill American citizens, and it has lowered its standards.  CIA is now a “C-” organization in terms of the quality of its people because the “leadership” is so toxic that the best people will not stay.

True story: my 1979 class, and one other in 1982, were hired on the basis of a changed psychological profile. Instead of “go along drone  that follows orders” they went for “self-starting entrepreneur.” Half my class quit within five years, I lasted nine, mostly because I did a very unusual three back-to-back tours overseas, one of them as one of two operations officers assigned terrorism as a full time target. CIA is a toxic bureaucracy in its present form, largely worthless, with a truly unconstitutional “crimes against humanity” backbone in the drone assassination, rendition & torture, and regime change arena.

True story: CIA helped Saudi Arabia and Israel create, train, and equip ISIS. ISIS is a covert operation intended to deceive and frighten the US public into supporting another ground war in the Middle East that will create more illegal immigrants, kill more US troops, and serve only the dictators of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist neo-fascist leaders of Israel (not to be confused with loyal American Jews or peace-loving Jews in Israel).

Q: Beyond anything else, what motivated you to join the Central Intelligence Agency?

I joined the US Marine Corps as an infantry officer, expecting a life of action, and found the Marine Corps boring and intellectually uninspiring, the USA then being in a very unusual state of peace. The CIA for me represented an opportunity to be on the front lines, at risk, and intellectually challenged very day.

In no way do I regret my nine years at the CIA — or my five years helping to create the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity — had I not had that deep and broad experience, I would not be useful today as a champion for fixing intelligence.

Q: What might be inspiring some of America's intelligence community to leak classified information which might damage Donald Trump?

The rogue elements of the US secret intelligence community — mostly the second-tier leaders who are loyal to the Vatican, the Zionists, or Goldman Sachs, consider themselves above the law. Presidents are transitory and Donald Trump won “accidentally” — he was not favored by the Deep State. They genunely believe  that We the People are stupid sheep and that America must be under the control of someone who supports the fascist and globalist agenda of the Rothschilds, the Vatican, and the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime families. They are not actually leaking, they are lying. There is absolutely no prohibition against talking to foreign powers or even arranging for back-channel communications. John Brennan, a Saudi whore and Clinton loyalist, led the telling of many lies and those lies continue today. In comparison to the crimes of Obama and Clinton — to include the death of SEALS sent to kill a fake Bin Laden as an election publicity stunt; Benghazi; the dismantling of Syria; and much more, Trump is a virgin. Trump scares the Deep State — they sense that We the People are now aroused against the Deep State and Trump could channel our anger toward their destruction.

Q: Some say that Barack Obama politicized the intelligence community, among other ranks of the federal bureaucracy. Do you believe that this is a valid perspective?

Barack Obama was a puppet and he and his surrogates absolutely abused power for eight years. However, the bureaucracy has always been politicized. The neo-fascist secret elements were institutionalized after WWII and we began a permanent state of war as a means of keeping the public docile and the money moving. After 9/11, which was under the direct control of Dick Cheney, the Global War on Terror was used as the new propaganda narrative — and since terrorists are not really threatening America, the secret world ended up doing multiple false flag operations both at home and abroad, as part of keeping everyone scared. Manchester in the UK is a false flag, almost certainly approved directly by May, in order to keep Corbyn out of power.

Q: What will be the biggest hurdle that Trump faces in dealing with rogue elements of America's intelligence sector?

Trump, for good reasons originally (to avoid assassination) has surrounded himself with traitors and mediocrities.  Mike Pence in particular is a back-stabbing traitor who must be forced to resign (he cannot be fired). Preibus and McMaster are both traitors, the first constantly underminding the president with lies, the second an active participant in the false flag gas attack in Syria intended to force the president to approve US ground troops being sent into Syria.  Egypt will be the staging ground, we invade on 1 June, if that happens Donald Trump will be impeached and will not have a chance to clean house. Cynthia McKinney and I will run for President in 2020 if Trump is destroyed by the Deep State  — I would rather help Trump defeat the Deep State but he has to want to be helped.

Q: Would you recommend that young men and women seriously consider a career in the intelligence community nowadays?

The short answer is yes.  For all of its corruption and dysfunctionality the craft of intelligence (decision-support) is the single most compelling occupation for anyone with a brain. I have spent thirty years trying to shift the craft of intelligence from secrets favoring war and waste to open sources and methods favoring peace and prosperity, and I anticipate success before I die.

Q: Might advanced information technology almost totally render secret agents obsolete during the years to come?

Not only no, but absolutely no. I was qualify this by pointing out that only 1% of scientific papers that are written are actually published, and what is written is perhaps 1% of what is known. So we are operating on 1% of 1%, in part because the Deep State does not care about evidence-based decision-making, it thrives on manipulating markets and exploiting the little people. Thirteen of the fifteen slices of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) are not secret. There is absolutely no substitute for human collection, human processing, human analysis, and human explanation to decision-makers. I would also point out that NSA is a completely failure. It processes less than 1% of what it collects, and is incapable of detecting false signals — the Israelis routinely fake out the NSA with “talking rocks” that simulate communications intended to deceive the Americans. I have written a great deal on augmented collective human intelligence — there is a role for information technology in support of human reflection — but I am also scornful of what I call “artificial stupidity.” In the hands of the social media mandarins, what I call #GoogleGestapo, and in the hands of the banks, information technology has been the foundation for many crimes against humanity.

Q: You credit Peter Dale Scott with writing the top book on the Deep State, but it is you who have put Deep State, false flag, and fake news into the Alt-Right talk show circuit, building on our president's talking about a rigged system. Please define the Deep State, and end with a snap-shot of why #UNRIG could be the second American revolution.

God Bless Donald Trump! And to some extent, although he is part of the Deep State and will never leave the Democratic Party, God Bless Bernie Sanders as well. Both of them got a critical portion of the public to understand for the first time that the USA is a rigged system — it is rigged financially, politically, in every possible way, to favor Wall Street over Main Street, the 1% over the 99%. His book, while brilliant, was successful marginalized, as I have been marginalized by the CIA all these years, by a complicit media that is very much part of the Deep State and uses the CIA-created meme of “conspiracy theory” to diminish all those who seek truth in the face of official lies. What Donald Trump did was open  the door for someone like me to be interviewed by the Alt-Right media, I single out the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, Victurus Libertas, and the CommonsSenseShow with David Hodges, as being especially important. On the centrist front Sarah Westall's interviews of me have also gone viral.

The Deep State in a nutshell is not, as those who recognize the term assume, unelected officials and rogue CIA leaders along with neo-conservatives like Dick Cheney running a Shadow Government from retirement. The Deep State starts with and is owned by the Rothschild Family and the Vatican (with some very calculated inter-marriage over the centuries between secular Jesuits and the Rothschilds). The Rothschilds and the Vatican own all of the central banks of the world and personally approve most of the leaders of the larger banks and trading houses. They use the City of London and Wall Street, where they are easily able to manipulate foreign exchange and currency rates while also manipulating stock markets, to control governments. Each government generally has a two-party tyranny, many of those leaders inducted into the Vatican and Rothchild-led pedophilia hall of shame (which includes drinking the adrenalized blood of children sodomized and terrorized to their death, similar to the Chinese practice of boiling dogs to adrenalize the blood of the dog and change the flavor of the meat) — children are also harvested for body parts and bone marrow. This is considered an elite “privilege.” The Deep State uses the secret intelligence agencies and global smugglers and enforcers (assassins) and to acquire insider information beneficial to further concentrating wealth at the expense of the larger public. The secret intelligence agencies, the third tier of the servant class (first is bankers, second is political leaders), provides the narrative and blackmails as well as bribes political leaders, judges, and of course the fake new media including — I single out as despicably corrupt — the Crap News Network, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. But all media, including Fox News and the Washington Times, are largely garbage, and all social media is controlled by #GoogleGestapo, where Eric Schmidt is test-driving a Censorship Board he wants to sell to communist China — imagine that (our censored social media good enough for a communist country to consider).

#UNRIG could be the second American revolution, and unique as revolutions go because it could be ethical, legal, and non-violent. Cynthia McKinney and I have created We the People – Unity for Integrity, and posited a common enemy (the Deep State), a common solution (Election Reform Act of 2017), and a common method (occupy the front lawns and home offices of every Senator and Representative during the summer recess, demanding they sign the Integrity Pledge and co-sponsor and pass the Election Reform Act of 2017.  I am most gratified to have finally attracted the attention of our legitimately-elected President, Donald Trump, and am hopeful that he will agree with the points in Cynthia's Memorandum for the President 3.0, easily found online, and lead #UNRIG himself. We place our ideas and our love and energy in the service of the Constitution and the Republic — right now in Washington only two people actually represent the Constitution and the Republic: Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions (the Attorney General).

If our President can secure passage of the Election Reform Act of 2017, this does three things that are vital to our future:

01 Frees all Members of Congress from bribery and blackmail, enabling evidence-based governance in the public interest.

02 Allows the President to nationalize the central bank and impose the rule of law on all banks, ending the reign of the Rothschilds and the Vatican over us.

03 Allows the President to rapidly restructure the US Government, cutting the national security state in half while using the Open Source Agency (OSA) to redesign our economy, infrastructure, Internet, and society generally along open power principles that favor the 99% over the 1%.

Q: If President Trump were to ask you what you think of the current US secret intelligence leaders, what would you tell him?

Dan Coats knows nothing of substance about the craft of intelligence, is a solid member of the anti-Trump establishment, and appears to be loyal to Mike Pence, the Bushes, and the neo-conservatives led by Dick Cheney. He is also a member of a secret Christian cabal that considers itself above the law. Mike Rogers is one of the least ethical naval officers around, borders on stupid, and is in the pocket of the Deep State. Mike Pompeo is intelligent and may have good intentions but the CIA mandarins are running circles around him and laughing.  Everyone else – Stewart at DIA, Cardillo at NGA, service intelligence chiefs – are posturing mediocrities.

Q: If President Trump were to ask you to fix US intelligence — both secret and open — what would you tell him?

IMMEDIATE: Apart from political measures such as an Election Reform Act that pre-empts the violent spring planned by the Establishment and funded by George Soros, two Presidential initiatives are urgently needed: first, an Open Source (Intelligence) Agency co-located with Trump Studio and a Grand Strategy Cell in the White House space now wasted on the press; and second, a counterintelligence working group that integrates loyal NSA and FBI senior specialists to exploit the NSA database of emails and calls by elite pedophiles and traitors (Rogers may be destroying that portion of the database, this is a time-sensitive recommendation). NSA does not have authorizing legislation – the President can deconstruct this agency, to great public acclaim, with a single Executive Order. The FBI needs ethical professional leadership, not a political hack.

NEXT YEAR: Planning can be begin now for cutting CIA and DIA by 50%, NSA, NRO, NGA by 70%, inclusive of the end of all CIA drone assassination operations and regime change operations, and an end to all NSA mass surveillance. NSA’s mission can be accomplished ethically and legally. CIA can be built back up as an all-source classified collection agency with consolidated SIGINT, IMINT, and GEOINT Directorates (closing the agencies), while DIA can serve as a National Processing & Analysis Agency. The President, Cabinet, and public are best served by an Open Source Agency providing 80% of what is needed to do evidence-based governance against all threats and all policies in the context of a balanced budget rooted in true cost economics (OMB does not know how to do the latter), while the secret world is focused on secret collection that cannot be done with open sources and methods, and is relevant to the defense of the USA – we should end all foreign covert operations (e.g. regime change, drone assassination, and torture).

Q: Some might say that the ‘deep state' is a conspiracy theory insofar as America is concerned. What would you say to them?

I view such statements with compassion. I am vastly more educated  than the average American with vastly more world experience including a decade as a spy, five years as the manager of the USA's newest national intelligence center (for the Marine Corps) and twenty years teaching Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to 7,500 officers from across 66 countries and I did not “get it” unless I ran for president in 2012, one of three accepted to compete for the Reform Party nomination as the age of 60. So if I did not “wake up” until I was 60 and operating at a presidential level, why should we expect the average American, whom I cherish as the epitome of goodness in America the Beautiful, to “get it?”

Both the mainstream fake news media and its young counterpart, #GoogleGestapo, as well as universities and schools across the land, are in the propaganda business.  Below are some titles of books that summarize the information pathologies that characterize what the average American is bombarded with — any country that spends  time watching the crap we have on US television is bound to be stupid as an imposed condition. Our government has failed to heed the admonishment of the Founding Fathers (“A Nation's best defense is an educated citizenry”) and Plato, who cited the proper complete education of the young as the government's highest duty — what we have now as American “education” is a soft prison that beats the creativity out of everyone while teaching them to sit still and not question authority.  For each of the titles below my summary review of the book can be found at Amazon and at

  • Fog Facts
  • Forbidden Knowledge
  • Lost History
  • Manufacturing Consent
  • Missing Information
  • Propaganda
  • Rule by Secrecy
  • Weapons of Mass Deception
  • Weapons of Mass Instruction

There is one cure and one cure only for all of this: INTEGRITY. The Election Reform Act of 2017 is about restoring integrity to how we elect, how we govern, how we earn money, how we live.

Q: Why, in American life, is the deep state principally so firmly rooted?

The USA was founded by a combination of white trash, black slaves, and secret societies among which the most important was the Free Masons. The genocide of the Native Americans was an essential defining aspect of the birth of the USA, followed by endless wars based on lies among which the Mexican-American War stands out — we stole all the land below the Guadalupe-Hidalgo line from Mexico. The Free Masons serve the Rothschilds and the Vatican and can be considered — at the very highest levels that most Free Masons do not know about — as the “high priests” of the cabal.  Along with the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, and a number of secret intelligence service rogue elements, they are able to achieve any outcome desired by the Rothschilds and the Vatican in any country on any issue at any time. We have a military-industrial complex in part because war is a profit center for the banks, as are refugees, who provide an unending stream of children and body parts while driving prices and the stock markets in directions that favor the elite with their insider knowledge. It merits comment that this globalist network is in a constant state of treason — Russian and American bankers and generals work with one another against their own countries, as John F. Kennedy found out before he was assassinated, and as Donald Trump is now realizing.

When I ran for president in 2012 I learned for the first time that we have eight accredited parties in the USA — the other six are Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, Reform, and Socialist — and that half our eligible voters are both Independent/No Party Preference and do not vote (these are over-lapping halves, not identical). I wrote an article summarizing what I have learned, “How I Tested the Boundaries of the Two-Party Tyranny,” for Reality Sandwich, and also briefed this at Hackers on Planet Earth in NYC in July 2012. Most Americans have no idea that the two-party tyranny — the term was first used in Theresa Amato's book, GRAND ILLUSION: The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny — is a neo-fascist artifact that works for 40 billionaires who in turn work for the Rothschilds, the Vatican, and the top bankers in the City of London and Wall Street. Most have no idea that the two-party tyranny stole the presidential debates from the League of Women Voters precisely because the League was honest, included third, fourth, and fifth party candidates, and would not provide the questions to the two-party tyranny challengers in advance.

Let's wrap up with some specifics. First, outline the eight suggestions that you and Cynthia McKinney have made to President Donald Trump, and then list the twelve elements of the Election Reform Act of 2017 that you want the public to discuss this summer with each Member of Congress.

If I may be so bold, there is no substitute for reading the original, so I offer below an exact copy of the one-page Memorandum for the President 3.0.


The entire political game is rigged against you.

The Deep State is playing you, lying to your face and laughing behind your back.

You will win when you change the rules, rally the American People, and #UNRIG the system.

8 Ways to Immediately Change the Rules and Win

  1.  The election is over.  Preibus and his minions now protect the Swamp.  Fire them all.  Hire a new Chief of Staff (such as David Stockman) who is truly and doggedly loyal to you and your campaign promises to the American People.  Make the White House efficient again!
  2.  Completely destroy all fake news and social media manipulation and censorship.  Fire Brad Parscale.  Hire Gregg Phillips (AutoGov) and Rick Davis (PollMole) to create The Trump Media Channel.  Send a Trump-et and receive instant honest feedback from 150 million citizens on a single screen.  Make the U.S. President loved by the people again!
  3. Payback the agencies that are spying on you and your family.  Gut and Fire the NSA.  Cut CIA 50% [end all CIA operations smuggling gold, cash, weapons, drugs, human organs, and sex slaves] and hire Robert David Steele to transform remainder, with the 30% worth saving from terminated agencies, into an expanded CIA offset by a new Open Source Intelligence Agency (OSA) that feeds the Trump Channel and makes you the best informed leader in the world.  Make the Bill of Rights actually mean something in the U.S. again!
  4.  Payback Paul Ryan’s healthcare reform sabotage.  Hire Karl Denninger to champion a new bill laser-focused on the core issues:  Price.  Standardization.  Outcomes.  Include Federal legalization of marijuana (and hemp oil) and watch your bipartisan support go viral. #MAGA
  5.  Hire Edgar Feige to champion your tax reform bill.  Rocket the American economy by putting the American People First (not Goldman Sachs).  Eliminate the Income Tax, IRS and the national debt with the implementation of an Automated Payment Transaction Tax. #MAGA
  6.  Be the new dealmaker for the American people.  Have 150 million indebted citizens individually assign you as their agent to re-negotiate all their debts [student, family credit card, elderly medical, small business, mortgage, etc] with the banks.  If Wall Street doesn’t play ball, cancel the debt and issue all citizens presidential pardons.  Greatest President ever. #MAGA
  7.  Be the new unifier.  Organize an Election Reform Summit [#UNRIG] that includes all political parties [Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, Reform, Socialist, Independents, Working Families, Justice, etc.].  Barnstorm the nation.  Kickstart an honest, uncensored, un-politically-correct, common-sense conversation with all American people.  Destroy the two-party tyranny.  Be the civil-rights president no one else has the balls to be.
  8.  Deliver positive policy outcomes to the 73% that did not vote for you.  Make sure that those positive outcomes reach deep into traditional Democratic Party territory.  After you re-boot your team and create a grand strategy that destroys the two-party tyranny and The Deep State, you will be viewed as the sole leader who really represents all citizens – the 27% that voted for you and the 73% that did not vote for you.  This is the key toward a legacy that will mark you in history as The Greatest President Ever.

As for the Election Reform Act of 2017, I will gladly list the elements below, these are not my ideas (except for the coalition cabinet and balance budget established by each candidate prior to election day), and these are not a “take it or leave it” prescription but rather a starting point for a national conversation. I urge readers to read either the Amazon Kindle, #UNRIG: Beyond Trump & Sanders, or the free online manifesto at #UNRIG, a special page at, both offer five graphics and a copy of the Integrity Pledge and the Statement of Demand.

  1. Universal Registration & Prisoners Vote
  2. Free & equal Ballot Acces
  3. Tightly-Drawn Districts Based on US Citizens NOT Counting Illegal Aliens/Foreigners
  4. Free & Equal Public Funding
  5. Free & Equal Media Access
  6. Inclusive Debates + Cabinet Debates (Full Cabinet Must be Announced 30 Days Prior to Election Day, Also Balance Budget Announced 30 Days Prior)
  7. Open Primaries and No Rigged Party “Super-Delegates” or Other Cheats
  8. Election Day Holiday + Free Public Transport
  9. Paper Ballots Counted Publicly On Site + Exit Polls
  10. End Winner Take All Voting (e.g. Choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd Choice, then Instant Run-Off Applies to Elect True Majority Candidate not a Fringe Candidate
  11. Legislative Process Integrity – no secret clauses, online change tracking ala github with open voting at the line item level
  12. Economic & Financial Democracy – End all opposition to unionization (e.g. Taft-Hartley 14b), nationalize central bank & all regional federal reserve elements

One final question. I don't imagine the Deep State is going to yield power easily. George Soros is known to be planning a violent “American Spring” for 2 July, and you have told me you are worried about Donald Trump being assassinated  this summer with complicity from the Secret Service which was also complicit in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. What are your thoughts on Mike Pence, and your strategy for dealing with Deep State opposition to your ideas.

Wow. Talk about ending with a bang (pun intended). I consider Mike Pence a traitor to our legitimately-elected president. He cannot be fired but he should be make a compelling offer to resign. Pence has been stabbing our president in the back from day one, because he and Reince Preibus are the two pincers of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family and the Dick Cheney neo-conservative pro-Zionist cabal that seeks to destroy our legitimately-elected president. I have told the few people I know who talk to the president without interference that Cynthia McKinney is the best possible replacement for Mike Pence, and I pray that God may shine his light on America and make it so. Combined with the other suggestions in the above Memorandum for the President 3.0, this would assure not only Donald Trump being the greatest president ever, but peace and prosperity for America and the world, ending all wars, all illegal refugee streams, all predatory banking sucking the blood out of the USA and other countries.

I have two strategies for ending the Deep State's resistance to my ideas, which are unlikely to succeed unless our president embraces them and puts the full power of his personality and his office behind them.

Truth & Reconciliation is a proven strategy, one demonstrated by Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Our offer to the 1% is straight-forward: keep what you have, get out of our way. My version of Truth & Reconciliation is “everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail.” Educating the public on why we have been so impoverished and down-trodden now — the Great Depression was caused by the bankers to destroy the middle class, concentrate wealth, and consolidate power over the federal government — and how we can avoid the Great Depression scheduled to start in September 2017 (Martin Armstrong has never been wrong) is vastly more important than vindictive justice.

The Members of Congress are a special case. Most of them are compromised and being bribed as well as blackmailed. At least six top Republican Senators are world-class pedophiles who have probably participated in child ritual murder — Democratic Senators are also in this mix. It is vital that in addition to passing the Election Reform Act of 2017 which ends the influence of campaign contributions, we have a counterintelligence surge in which each Member is offered an opportunity to confess, receive absolution in the form of a Presidential Pardon, the latter on condition that they help a restored FBI nail their blackmailers. We not only have the power to restore integrity to Congress as well as the Executive, we have the power to end, once and for all the illicit subversive influence of all foreign powers such as Israel and Saudi Arabia while forcing our bankers to comply with the rule of law.

Where can our readers learn more?

My personal page with free linked access to all of my books less  The Open Source Everything Manifesto, the only one I do not own, and all of my articles, briefings, interviews, and more, is

I curate 80 active contributors and 800 past contributors at the Public Intelligence Blog with over 20,000 entries, all active — we archive nothing — at

Shortly Cynthia McKinney and I will be activiating (mobilization), (free email for those who wish to join the  revolution), (sunshine government discussions of all threats, policies, and costs), and (501c3/527 fund-raising).

God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. If Donald Trump is the enemy of the Deep State, then all my latte-sucking progressives on the East and West Coasts need to thinking deeply about the value proposition that Cynthia McKinney and I placing before the public: Alt-Right + people of color & Latinos + small parties & independents + Alt-Left can take back the power this summer. If our President chooses to lead #UNRIG personally, it is Game Over for the Deep State.

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