Robert Steele: General Vincent Stewart Has Destroyed the National Intelligence University by Appointing Another Mediocrity — Dr. J. Scott Cameron — the “Fix” Was In…

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I am dismayed by the cavalier “selection” of Dr. J. Scott Cameron to be the new president of the National Intelligence University. This is not an individual who knows anything about the craft of intelligence at all four levels of operations and analysis, nor is this an individual who has demonstrated integrity or innovation in any  relevant form. He is absolutely not qualified by past performance or present capabilities to assume the top position for any major university, least of all what should be the top focal point in the USA for holistic analytics across all domains.

Clearly the fix was in and this individual was appointed for reasons having nothing to do with merit and everything to do with accommodation. General Stewart has not served the President or Director of National Intelligence well and has made it quite certain that the National Intelligence University will remain a useless focal point for mediocrities going through the motions of training mediocrities.

Dr. J. Scott Cameron is a nobody with zero redeeming qualities. He epitomizes the lack of accountability and depth and breadth across the senior executive selection process of the US Intelligence Community. Even if he has done hard time as a non-official cover officer disguised as an academic (with no publications of note), we all know that group has been largely worthless and has never learned to actually lead anything toward a tangible outcome. This selection defies any semblance of integrity in process or outcome.

Here are the snap-shot resume and vision briefing of Dr. James Keagle, former Provost of the National Defense University (for nine years as well as Vice President of Academic Affairs), also a candidate, whom I consider vastly superior to the individual planted in the job by powers unknown. Dr. Keagle graduated second in his class at the US Air Force Academy, retired as a Colonel with long service as a leading strategist for combatant commanders and the Secretary of Defense, and in passing earned his PhD at Princeton. In recent years he has been focused on emerging technologies and asymmetric advantages as well as the merits of open source intelligence in fulfilling 80% or more of all strategic, operational, tactical, and technical intelligence requirements at a fraction of the cost of largely worthless secret collection systems that yield “at best” 4% of what we need to know.

NIU 2022 Dr James Keagle v10

I take the trouble to offer the slides individually here so that any citizen may reflect on the value of this specific alternative candidate — who may or may not have been declared to General Stewart (who should not have been selection official and who may have rubber-stamped a bad decision for lack of interest) — and the nonentity chosen to fill the spot.

The Defense  Intelligence Agency has not prospered nor reformed under the tenure of General Vincent Stewart. It remains broken beyond repair, totally dysfunctional, unable to perform the rudimentary processes needed to provide strategic, operational, tactical, and technical (acquisition) intelligence for all relevant commanders and program managers. No one has held General Stewart accountable for being a failure, and no one is going to hold Dr. J. Scott Cameron for being a failure.  The IC cesspool slimes on.

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