Jordan Sather: Pedophilia Blood Work UPDATE 2 Adds Review of Elite Blood-Lust

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Phi Beta Iota: Our understanding is that the elite also do direct blood drinking (of adrenalized blood that is forced by terrorization of the children before their death) and bone marrow transplants. The above is a useful sidebar on the darker ritual side of pedophilia. Note: the headline below that suggests Thiel drinks blood is a lie, the story makes it clear that he takes children’s blood via transfusions. What is not clear is whether he orders up plain blood (no terror, child lives) or adrenalized blood (child terrorized to death first). There are a number of anti-aging patents covered by secrecy laws, some have to do with anti-aging, perhaps because the US military and NASA space programs may include the involuntary export of kidnapped children to colonize Mars and other “20 years and out” objectives.

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