JB Wells with George Webb — Seth Rich Murder & Clinton Web — and a Counter-Narrative — Alive in Israel, Deal with Trump

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Phi Beta Iota: A counter-narrative is emerging that suggests a deal may have been cut between Israel (where Seth Rich trained in the military and may have been recruited to the Mossad, perhaps as a lower-level asset rather than a full operations officer — we are reminded of Paula Broadwell and her West Point summer in Israel) and the Trump family spear-headed by Jared Kushner. There is a small possibility Seth Rich is alive and well in Israel, and the entire murder was faked as part of throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus. We have no direct knowledge, but given the prevalence of false flag operations and fake news, and our complete lack of confidence in any US law enforcement agency least of all the FBI and the Washington DC police department, we note the counter-narrative with interest.

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