Nancy Banks: Manifesto for a New Healthcare Model

07 Health
Nancy Banks

The Manifesto for a New Health Care Model is a ten point platform that analyzes both the two super and four sub-structure cost drivers of the health care system and offers a way to resolve the gridlock. The two superstructures are the capture and monopoly control of the money supply by a private entity issuing money as debt and the economics of hidden wealth transfer mechanisms that equates income derived from the FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate and law) sector with income derived from real capitol production. The substructure cost drivers are:

  • The unnecessary overhead costs of the insurance, pharmaceutical and technology sectors
  • The monopoly of the allopathic model
  • Corporate/government entities uniting to be run as criminal/racketeering enterprises that are given a free reign to externalized negative costs by creating individual, community and ecological catastrophes and
  • The willingness of a passive population to accept these structures and strategies as inevitable.

This model will not only stop the unreasonable double digit growth, it will begin to improve the overall health of the nation while decreasing costs.

Because the health of a people is a resource that may be used to create value in civil society, and for purposes of this treatise, health care will be treated as a public good and part of the commons.

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