#UNRIG: Summer of Peace — New Website, Meet-Up, National Tour


NEW: Civics Meet-Up is now open for #UNRIG conversations across the country. Robert Steele is leading one in Oakton at noon on 4th of July.

NEW: http://unrig.net is now open.  Includes a detailed budget, free bumper stickers, posters, polo shirt embroidery ideas, pins, and more.

NEW: Cynthia is back in the USA on 2 July, we will appear together at a major black celebration in St. Louis Missouri on 3 July. Email schedule@unrig.net to propose a skype or a visit to further the national conversation about #UNRIG in July, constituent approaches to Members in August.

OLD: IndieGoGo-UNRIG hit 10% of the $250K goal today, seeking another $25K by 11 July — help if you can.  Everyone gets a Certificate as a Founding Citizen of the 2nd American Revolution. Anyone donating in next ten days is likely to still be in the first 500 — we are at 346 today.

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