PHOTO: Robert David Steele with Dr. Randy Short


Dr. Short is helping organize #UNRIG open houses across the USA. His biography is below the fold.

Different Drum: A Biography of Dr. Randy Short

At 51 years, Dr. Randy Short has had an interesting life. He is descendent from European, African and Indigenous American nobility with roots from Denmark, England, South Africa, Nigeria, and Senegambia. Son of a husband and wife ministerial team Revs. Drs. Stephen and Betty Short and the sibling to Stephen Jr. He survived a series of near-death experiences in his early childhood, and grew up segregating schools in the predominantly white Fairfax County, Virginia. His formative years were shaped by encounters with racism, poverty, and puritanical Pentecostalism.

Short came into his own during his High School years, and went on to earn collegiate degrees from Howard University, Harvard University, and the University of Virginia.

Min. Dr. Randy Short, M.Div. is a Washington, D.C. native and a scholar, historian, human rights defender, social commentator, anti-eugenics advocate, free-lance journalist, writer, and social action/social justice missionary affiliated with the Christian Church and African Orthodox Churches. Washington D.C. Representative for the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization, Black Agenda Reports, Judicial Justice Movement, and African American for Human Rights. Conference. In 2011, Short twice accompanied the Honorable Cynthia McKinney to Libya. An informed and excellent researcher and speaker, Short is regularly featured on FM/AM/blog radio programs nationally. Since 2011, Short has been regular commentator on PressTV, Al Alam, El Tejah News, Atlantic Television News, FARS news service, SAFARTV, RT, Abby Martin’s “Breaking The Set”, Voice of America Portuguese Africa, RTAC, WJLA-New Channel 8, Belarus National News, INFOWARS, DC Cablevision, Pacifica Radio raising issues that range from wars in Mali, Syria, Somalia, and Libya to helping to break the stories of the murders of Ramarley Graham and Trayvon Martin internationally. Short produces independent films on the Youtube channel Education 4—most notably in-depth interviews of Malcolm Shabazz and Kenneth Ford. Jr.  Short is the executive producer of “The Façade of the American Dream” documentary addressing racism and social injustice that PressTV aired internationally 15 January 2013. Short’s second documentary “Dred Scott Nation” debuted on PressTV in August of 2015.

Short is a graduate of Howard University (B.S./Ph.D.), Harvard University (M.Div.), and the University of Virginia (M.Phil.). His Ph.D. in of African and African American history. Short taught History and Religion at Bowie University and Lane College, former Executive Director of the Prince George’s County Youth Commission, Board of Rebecca Project for Human Rights, and serves on the Board of the Coalition of Adoption Programs. As a Howard Univ. student leader, Short forced the school to grant honorary doctorates to Kwame Ture and organized the “Stop the Genocide in Darfur” campaign in 2004. Short has published articles in Black Agenda Reports, the Baltimore-Washington Afro-AmericanNews DimensionsHoward University Barrister, and TAMSIR.  Short helped Myrlie Evers and Rev. C.T. Vivian combat  the burning of Black churches in the 1990s.  Short aided the creation of the first Afro-Latin Human Rights Roundtable for the Congressional Black Caucus, and been involved with human rights of Nuba, Oromo, Afro-Brazilian, Dinka, and Dalits. As an opponent to the “War on Drugs” Short  partnered with the late Dr. C. Delores Tucker to secure presidential pardons for Kemba Smith and Dorothy Gaines in 2000. As the President and Founder of the Anti-Depo Provera Clergy Coalition, he has presented before Congressman William L. Clay, Jr. and the Congressional Black Caucus regarding the need to outlaw Depo Provera. He also works alongside anti-Eugenics activists Elaine Riddick and Dr. Alveda King. Short has been part of a collection of activists including Pam Africa, Empress Phile, Sabrina Green, and Rozyln Cross-Ratliff in finding answers regarding the assassination of Malcolm Shabazz on May 9th, 2013. Short is also Washington, D.C. Citizens’ Commission for Human Rights President working to stop the psychotropic drugging of American people by the Pharmaceutical Industry whom systematically target young and senior African Americans. Short is a trusted lieutenant to the Rev. Edward Pinkney that fights against social injustice and corrupt African American leadership (e.g. NAACP). Presently, Short as completed a book on the famed missionary the Rev. Dr. William H. Sheppard and genocide in the Congo.  Short helped edit and write the Harvard-University acclaimed report “Depo Provera: Deadly Reproductive Violence”.

Presently, Short is writing three books, a co-creator of television programming for “Hey Now” a grass-roots television program focused at youth,  a colloborating partner  with 50/50 Music to produce music, animated and video content, and coordinate tours.

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