PRESS RELEASE: Robert David Steele & Cynthia Ann McKinney Launch #UNRIG Fundraising Campaign

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Robert David Steele & Cynthia Ann McKinney Launch #UNRIG Fundraising Campaign

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$250,000 is being sought via IndieGoGo to fund a 120-day educational campaign on how to restore integrity to the US Government through an Election Reform Act of 2017.

Washington, DC (PRUnderground) June 14th, 2017

While seeking the leadership of our legitimately-elected President Donald Trump — and particularly seeking the introduction of the Election Reform Act into the Senate by Rand Paul and the House by Tulsi Gabbard, the educational campaign is aimed at inspiring the public at large toward a demand for the restoration of integrity in government during the month of July when Congress is home on recess and the Members cannot hide from their constituents.

“Our plan is quite simple,” Robert Steele says. “Cynthia is appealing to like-minded religious leaders while I am appealing to the many organizations that have fought for election reform in the past — a cadre of at least 100,000 serious activists. We are asking that all interested groups host open houses on the theme of Unity for Integrity.

Steele goes on: “We plan to hit fifty states in 30 days inspiring conversations across all boundaries. We are asking all citizens to set aside ideological and issue differences and focus only on demanding that each Member sign the Integrity Pledge in July, committing to co-sponsoring and voting for the Election Reform Act in September when Congress reconvenes.”

All political activities and contacts with Members will be local initiatives. The non-profit educational campaign is strictly limited to the sharing with citizens of information about the twelve-point Election Reform Act of 2017 that could, within 120 days, restore integrity to the US Government.

The manifesto by Robert Steele, with a foreword by Cynthia McKinney, is free online and also a Kindle Short. The IndeiGoGo campaign, seeking $250,000 over the course of four months, opened 11 June 2017.

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