ZeroHedge: Violent American Summer, Collapse in September

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The Fourth Turning: A Summer Of Rage And The Total Eclipse Of The Deep State

The DNC has called for a George Soros-financed ‘Resistance Summer’, in which protestors are encouraged to invade town halls, and organize rallies and neighborhood meetings to undermine President Trump. This will culminate in a national training being billed as a ‘Resistance Summer Camp’ to effectively train operatives inorganizing strategies. Meanwhile, other leftist groups are calling for a day of ‘Impeachment Marches’ on July 2nd in dozens of major cities across the country.

Phi Bet Iota: Our legitimately-elected President, Donald Trump, has no effective vision or strategy with which to counter #RESIST. He jumped the gun on the pedophilia investigations and hiring lots of lawyers, and failed to see the urgency of building his larger political base outside of Washington as a foundation for draining the swamp and restoring integrity to government. Robert Steele & Cynthia McKinney have done everything possible to offer #UNRIG to the President as the one unifying option that can easily break the back of the Deep State (both left and right), but our president is surrounded by advisors who seek to keep him isolated from We the People and hence impotent in the face of the sedition and treason we find in every corner.

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