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UPDATE 1: Since the above excellent interview was posted, in which I state with no reservation that I like George Webb and find what he does interesting (none of us are perfect), I am told that both George and Jason Goodman, his producer, have been under investigation by the FBI at the request of the USCG, for their unsourced (unfounded?) false alarm over a dirty bomb on a Mersck ship in Charleston Harbor.  Shutting down the port and ensuring this was a false alarm probably cost the US taxpayer over one million dollars. Upon learning this I cancelled a scheduled video shoot with Jason Goodman in NYC today, 16 June, partly because I did not want to endure the travel only to find he was sitting in an NYPD jail cell. After I cancelled Jason Goodman called me on the telephone, recording our conversation without my knowledge or consent, and then playing that online.  He has spent the last 24 hours obsessively trying to blame me for his being in trouble with the FBI, and trying to destroy the fund-raising campaign by Cynthia McKinney and I at #UNRIG: Summer of Peace. My bottom line: George is probably an unwitting (innocent) in a disinformation campaign organized by CIA and/or Mossad and Jason is probably a sayonim (helper) of the Mossad if not a paid agent. I will continue to support  George Webb — as does Cynthia McKinney — I will never again have anything at all to do with Jason Goodman whom I consider unbalanced, untrustworthy, and toxic in the extreme.  George Webb needs his own channel.

UPDATE 2: In reply to a sensible and respectful inquiry, to wit: “I’m not sure why you have turned on G & J… I was ready to donate $2,500 to be a state delegate plus I forwarded the info onto my down line folks! I will wait to hear you side of the story and if I don’t I’m going to request you return my donation because it was given under false pretense!” I have provided the following answer copied to Cynthia McKinney:

I am so glad to hear from you.  Jason appears deranged.  I have not turned on George Webb, nor did I turn on Jason other than to cancel my planned interview with him in NYC, mostly because I did not want to get to NYC and find that he was in a jail cell.  I offered many respectful and clear comments at the YouTube video where I praised George during our live-streaming event, and Jason has gone in and systematically deleted  them.  I am including Cynthia McKinney in the cc because we both take this matter very seriously and I feel it is important that you know that what I am telling you is what I am telling Cynthia.

Here is the sequence:

01 Over months many people urge George to contact me and me to contact George

02 I emailed and texted George a respectful invitation to connect

03 George called me an “imitator” unworthy of his attention, not having any knowledge from a cursory view of — I kept silent

04 George hears from enough people to realize he has made a mistake and invites me on a no-notice basis to do a live stream interview. I immediately accept and pay for lunch from donations.

05 The live stream was a hit and produced perhaps $4,000 dollars in donations

06 I immediately got a number of reports warning me that Jason was at a minimum a sayonim for the Mossad and perhaps an active disinformation asset for the CIA pretending to be Mossad out of France

07 I stated my intention to take the risk and do a follow in interview with Jason

08 I then got advance reports, subsequently confirmed in part by the NYT and other media, that both George and Jason were under investigation for filing false reports with no evidence on a dirty bomb threat, that George has been detained and released on bond, and that the USCG had asked  the NYPD to detain and question Jason in NYC. I was  also told Jason was under active investigation by the FBI.  On the basis of that information I cancelled my planned trip to NYC, not so much because I did not like Jason, as much as to avoid getting there and finding he was being detained and I had wasted a trip.

09 Jason then called me on my cell phone and without my permission and knowledge, recorded our brief call and then went on in a further outrage, in my view, to play that conversation on air.  What he did was not illegal — both New York and Virginia are “one party consent” states, but despicable, unprofessional, and a sign of Jason’s derangement

10 Since Jason is slandering me — I had nothing to do with his misbehavior on the dirty bomb threat or the authorities natural fury at his role in shutting down and active port and costing the taxpayers over one million dollars by my calculation (not the hundred million some are offering up) — I also continue, as does Cynthia McKinney, to be a fan of George who has gifts even if a few flaws as do we all — I have resolved to cut off all contact with Jason.

11 I have reached out to George both via email and text offering strong support, and not heard back from him  I hope he is well and reiterate my support for him and his potential role as our chronicler on the bus.

12 My door is always open for George.  I consider George an unwitting (innocent) patsy in this dirty bomb matter.

13 I was just told that another hidden agenda item with Jason is that I did an interview with a guy named Manny, this was a favor to a friend that wanted to help a young talent get started, and completely unbeknownst to me, have now been told that Manny did a really ugly hateful takedown of George Webb that I do not endorse and Jason (that I somewhat sympathize with).  As best I can tell, Jason has lost his mind and is projecting all his problems on me, I have had nothing to do with Jason other than the one interview and the cancellation of my interview and the phone call that he taped.

I have not lost my interest in George or my respect for George’s value.  From this moment forward I will continue to praise George and support George and I will never mention Jason Goodman again.

Thank you for having the maturity to ask for my side of the story.  Now you have it.  Cynthia returns to the USA on 2 July. We are going forward with or without Trump or Sanders. George still has an offer of a bunk on the bus and a featured role as our chronicler.

Very respectfully,