Worth a Look: Three Scientists and Their Gods (The Digital Universe)

Worth A Look
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Wright focuses on the theories of digital physicist Edward Fredkin (the universe is a computer), sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson (the universe is united by genes and culture), and Kenneth Boulding (the universe is united through communication as a natural process of evolution). Each man has *faith* in his hypothesis without following it up with rigorous experiments. Therefore, this book reads as one man’s evaluation of other men’s ego trips. I give it four stars, tho, because it is an excellent review and synthesis of these theories, including their origins. The book touches upon the “coincidence” that each theory maps into the basic tenets of the world’s religions.

Wright includes a fantastic bibliography with reviews of each listing; definitely worthwhile if you are interested in any of these theories. (For a more captivating read of Wright, check out The Moral Animal and Nonzero. In those books, he continues what he starts in _Three Scientists_.)  Karen Peterson

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