YouTube (9:47) Full Spectrum Dominance (Trailer & Book)

Cultural Intelligence, IO Deeds of War, Peace Intelligence

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The book:  Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy and the New World Order discusses:

+ The actual Pentagon strategy, called Full Spectrum Dominance, to insure Washington has supreme military power over any and all potential rivals
+ How the US State Department and CIA use Color Revolutions and charges of human rights abuse to target uncooperative regimes around the world
+ The real background to the Washington missile defense deployment in Poland and beyond after 2007 and how that risks bringing the world to possible nuclear war
+ How Washington-financed NGOs weaponize human rights to destroy their rivals around the world from Ukraine in 2014 to Syria
+ The true agenda of billionaire George Soros and his philanthropic foundations around the world
+ How the US military industrial complex functions to create permanent wars