Ezili Danto: Weaponizing Cholora — Haiti & Organ Trafficking

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Ezili Danto

Haiti Cholera: A Biological Weapon For Organ Trafficking?

We have evidence and do know about cholera as a cover for organ trafficking. The body bags are used to transport the dead UN-cholera victims from Haiti to the US for the Universities, pharmaceutical companies and their UN/NGOs involved in the criminal trade. Some may not know where the organs are coming from, but they’d have to be brain dead not to know it’s a melanated organ.

Are folks ready today to know that there is not a war on drugs or terrorism, but on Blacks and the non-white, worldwide. That, in our major urban cities, like in Chicago USA with all the shooting, there are secret DEA/CIA and police operatives and programs that drops guns, drugs, push liquor stores, pacify with embedded Black churches and weaponized music and movies which glorifies gangster rap, materialism and misogyny, all, to entrap young Black males into the mass incarceration system, organ trafficking system and provide white jobs to rural town that wouldn’t have an economy without Black bodies filling up prison beds.

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