CounterPunch: Green Party Media Con Job [DNC Terrified of Alt-Right Alt-Left Combination Represented by Robert Steele & Cynthia McKinney]

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The Green Party – Marks in a Media Con Job

by Yoav Litvin

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  Yoav Litvin is probably a deep fan of Zionist control of the two-party tyranny and may well be a disinformation asset seeking to further  the Deep State’s mission of dividing and conquering. This article offers three insights:

01 It is a hit job — a slanderous legally-actionable hit job — on Caitlin Johnson, a very fine citizen journalist who is  followed and admired by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks among many others.

02 It reveals the deep fear within the Zionist-controlled two-party tyranny of an alliance between the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left. For a long time the two-party tyranny has been trying to label the Alt-Right as fascist and rooted in white supremacy. This is false. We all want to restore integrity to our government. This is about justice for all and a focus on America First. The Tea Party is “alt-right.” I am a centrist leaning alt-right.

03 It reveals the Democratic Party’s strategy of focusing on the 50% who are not participating in our controlled, fake democracy today, most of whom are also Independent or No Party Preference (NPP). This is a strategy destined to fail because both wings of the two-party tyranny lack what Cynthia McKinney and I have in spades: Authenticity, Inclusiveness, and Truthfulness. The “People’s Party” is Sheepdog 2.0 and most people know that — Bernie Sanders is a fraud, a complete sell-out to a two-party system where every Member of Congress has signed the AIPAC pledge to put Israel First.

I would observe that the Green Party — Cynthia McKinney was its presidential candidate in 2008 — means well but is going nowhere.  Neither is the Libertarian Party, which is very badly led by people who are simply not serious about winning.  Both parties refused my suggestion in 2015 that they run a unity platform with a single candidate from each party, naming a coalition cabinet and publishing a balanced budget in advance of election day, with the losing candidate to become Vice President. 2016 is the one year they could have won with such a combination. I say it again: they are simply not serious about election reform, governance reform, economic reform, or social justice.

For the record, I offered Bernie Sanders the Election Reform Act for introduction in the Senate eight times in 2015-2016, he blew me off all eight times.  Bernie Sanders is a Deep State sheepdog.

What Cynthia McKinney can do is pull 50% or more of the black population out of their moral and intellectual servitude to the Democratic Party. Most blacks are not the “welfare queens” that many on the right believe, and most blacks now appear ready to recognize their “Uncle Tom” black leaders for what they are: servants to the Deep State.

What I can do as a centrist now popular with the Alt-Right, is help  the white population understand that all the bad things that have been happening to blacks are now happening to whites (witness the TSA’s virtual strip searching at airports for no good reason along with TSA urinating in checked luggage and committing other despicable acts of filth), and that the Alt Right (notably the Tea Party) cannot win the battle of good versus evil, the 99% against the 1%, Main Street against Wall Street, without the black population or the Latinos (I am also a Latino — Latinos come in all colors).

In my view Yoav Latvin has issued a “primal scream.” Without naming Cynthia McKinney or myself, he has revealed the power of the below graphic and the power of our educational non-profit message to the American people: the constituents can take the power back this summer, ethically and non-violently, by demanding that each sign the Integrity Pledge (our original concept) while making a further demand that each renounce their existing signed pledge to any agent of a foreign power.

The Deep State is our common enemy and Election Reform is our common solution. The “wrap” for our used RV about to cross the country — a second one will be purchased if donations are sufficient — says it all.

God Bless Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders — they opened a door neither is willing to go through. Cynthia McKinney and I are going to praise both of them while urging every citizen across America the Beautiful to reject all political parties, and deal directly with their individual Member, face to face, delivering the below document in  three parts: the Integrity Pledge, the Statement of Demand, and the 12-point Election Reform Act to be passed in September.

Integrity Pledge with Statement of Demand and Graphic

#UNRIG Compromiso de integridad

Killing AIPAC is an after-thought, brought on by Zionist attacks including legally-actionable slander and conspiracy to commit what the lawyers call “tortuous interference” (inciting others enables triple damages) and possibly inclusive of the MeetUp CEO’s malicious and grieviously harmful closure of our 435 paid “Pro” MeetUps with a committed revenue to MeetUp of $77,300 a year. The death of AIPAC is inevitable. There is nothing wrong or disloyal about our nine million Jewish voters — the power of Israel in the USA is based on bribery, blackmail (Jeffrey Epstein and pedophilia videotapes across the political, judicial, financial, and celebrities communities), and control of a fake news media and Hollywood as well as most universities. Freedom is at hand.

Authenticity. Inclusiveness. Truthfulness.

I may be assassinated.  That would be a mistake on the part of the Deep State and Zion and the Vatican since I am the one person offering an absolute Truth & Reconciliation exit strategy to our Satanic elite — my version is “everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail,” but I am agnostic on this point. t has been an honor for me to serve my country as a Marine Corps infantry officer and then a spy, and finally as a non-profit activist for civics education. It never occurred to me that the highest honor of all would be dying at the age of 65 here at home, on behalf of the truth and the restoration of We the People as the foundation for ethical evidence-based decision making in politics, economics, and society.

God has his plan. I am a grain of sand on a beach that is constantly moving in nine different directions at once, with huge boulders representing the elements of the Deep State — our own government that lies to us about everything, the banks, the media, the universities, the corrupt labor and religious leaders — everyone in any position of power is corrupt (90%) and very likely a pedophile and Satanist at the highest levels (10%). We have only ourselves. We must become self-sustaining at the community level as quickly as possible, able to do communications, water, food, and energy without being dependent on the controlled elements of the Deep State. The 1% plan a shut-down of the Internet, a pandemic, martial law, the confiscation of our guns; what they have not planned for is We the People – Unity for Integrity.  It is an honor, a deep honor that moves me to tears, to serve my fellow citizens in this fight against the Deep State.

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