Robert Steele with Alex Jones: The Three Minutes on Pedophilia that Top Pedophiles Absolutely Do Not Want Anyone to See…

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Phi Beta Iota: Robert David Steele is being very deliberately attacked by a mix of trolls and bots across all his appearances on YouTube as well as a deliberately exaggerated and inaccurate series of media placements about children sent to Mars. This may be at the direction of a top media pedophile and key member of the Deep State media narrative and disinformation network. The above tape, created by elements of the International Tribunal for National Justice of which Robert Steele is a Commissioner and US Envoy, provides the three minutes of substance in the Alex Jones interview that the Deep State pedophiles and media mavens absolutely do not want the public to be hearing and seeing. As a Commissioner on the year-long project to educate the public on the depth and breadth of child exploitation including medical and space experimentation (these people think of children as advanced chimps), Robert Steele is helping bring to press — free online as well as at Amazon — educational chapters on pedophilia that should over time help the public to understand the deep depravity of elements of the US Government under the control of the Deep State.

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