Robert Steele with Peter Holley: NASA, Kidnapped Children, Mars — Open Letter

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No, NASA is not hiding kidnapped children on Mars

On Thursday’s Infowars broadcast, Steele appeared to connect the kidnapped children being held captive on Mars to pedophile rings who allegedly use children for their youthful body parts and energy.

Open Letter from Steele to Holley Below the Fold


I am truly delighted with the back-firing of the hit job on me by REDACTED and his goons.  As you are probably aware, he is believed to be a world-class pedophile and utterly terrified of the work that I and others are doing documenting the full extent of child exploitation.  I am a Commissioner for the International Tribunal for Natural Justtice and a co-sponsor of a forthcoming book that is being published free one chapter at a time, you can see the table of contents, my foreword, and the first chapter at the link below.

Joachim Hagopian: Pedophilia & Empire

My response to the media character assassination campaign is at the link below.  I know you mean well, but you simply have no idea what the truth of the matter actually is.

Michael Salla: Expolitics — Including Mars Colony…

The Salla link includes a three minute video extract created by the Tribunal with the substance of my comments to Alex Jones. This is  the information that REDACTED and a number of GOP leaders do not want the public to hear. I am predicting the implosion of the GOP, with two governors, at least four Senators, and perhaps VP Pence being destroyed in the eyes of the public via leaks that are inevitable.  That will leave Trump without any power at all and vulnerable to being driven from office.

Not covered by you — you do not appear to have done your homework — are three facts about me:

01 I was a top performer at CIA with five times the regional recruiting and production record and am the most published intelligence reformer in the English language, to include my first two books [with] Forewords by Senators David Boren and Pat Roberts, while also being cleared for publication by the CIA's Publications Review Board. Most of what I know about the mis-deeds of the IC, including CIA, FBI, and NASA spying on and blackmaling most of our members of Congress, I learned after I left and that knowledge is therefore not subject to my life-time Secrecy Agreement.

02 I am the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories, with over 2,500 reviews posted — I am an international brand name for truth.

03 I was both recommended and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in January 2017. While the Prize has been discredited, the publicity was helpful and has gotten me attention from Xi, Nodi, and Putin —  Trump continues to be a prisoner of Pence and Preibus and is not allowed to be effective.

I don't expect that you will be allowed to do a serious follow up piece, but if that small miracle were to occur, I am in Oakton VA and I welcome your invitation to do a recorded interview with only one condition: you must post the entire interview to YouTube without editing.

Very respectfully,

Robert David Steele
Chief Enabling Officer (CeO)
Earth Intelligence Network
Founder, #UNRIG: Summer of Peace (Beyond Trump & Sanders)

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