#UNRIG Log RV 1 Day 2


At the meta level, Day 2 saw Bob Brady of Georgia donate $15,000 toward the wrap ($8,500) and travel expenses ($100 a day mostly gas).  God Bless Bob. Note the three books under his arm. #UNRIG is reaching out to David Stockman in particular, but the bottom line is that we must all demonstrate unity in demanding integrity in our government.

At the micro level, several deficiencies in the RV that should have been caught by service department at EZ RV have come to light.  The most serious is shown here to the right, the awning over the second slide-out lost its cap and is no longer functional. Disclosure: tree limps (one inch diameter) did scrape that side, but they should not have stripped the cap off.  There are too many “loose screws” on this RV, suggestive of a service department that is not paying attention.

The sliding door to the bedroom broke loose — someone put in small screws to a hollow door, no glue, very unprofessional. The entire TV/cable system does not work. Overhead lights do not work.  The privacy curtain in front came off the rails (end piece was not attached properly, came off). A drawer was found to be missing and they just put in a cosmetic cover. All annoying, but not show stoppers.  I have meetings in Livingston and Memphis while the wrap company converts the the measurements and our vision into a wrap to be applied Thursday-Friday, so I have asked them to “make good” on Wednesday afternoon (just the awning and the lights — the rest I can take care of).  On balance, I am well pleased. When this RV with wrap is photographed in front of the White House and in front of Congress a lot of folks are going to reach down and squeeze their balls. The revolution has begun.

To end on a high note: I am starting to hear about folks confronting their Members across the land, soon I will start a “scoreboard” showing Member, Citizen, Date Integrity Act Presented, and Resolution. Cynthia McKinney and I will drive the RV to any Member signing the act, do a photo, and do a press release honoring that Member. All Members are expected to renounce their Israel First pledge at the same time.

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