#UNRIG Log RV 1 Day 3

John McAfee & Robert Steele

Today’s highlight was easily the evening seance with John McAfee who is building the World Brain with blockchain. China, Iran, and Russia are going to bury the USA for the simple reason that the US Government is corrupt to the bone and all of the US IT CEOs are criminally negligent in willful disregard for the public interest.

Apart from that the most positive thing today was a visit to Camping World, where I met two of the most professional people one could ever hope to meet. EZ RV did well on sales, we got a good price, but EZ RV service sucks donkey tail and we are going to turn the RV over to Camping World for two days to fix all the stuff that has broken in the first 48 hours — the sliding door, the bunk bed closet doors that won’t stay closed when in motion, the microwave, the television antenna crank, the spring and cap on one of the slide out awnings, the windshield wipers and washer fluid pump, etcetera.

In other news we are still running at 6.68 miles per gallon, 464 miles today, 69.51 gallons. The design flaws of the RV continue to astound. Today the microwave glass flew out from a door that even when latched can be blown open; the closet doors on the two bunks continue to spread even when tied down; drawers open.  It is quite clear to me that every RV designer should be sent to see in a 51 foot sailboat for 30 days.  The entire industry would be improved.

Cannot say enough good things about Adnormous.com, below is the proof for the wrap that is costing $8,500 and clearly worth every penny.  These guys are obsessive-compulsive professionals and so impressive I have given them permission to add “Wrap by Adnormous.com” under the credit to Generosity by IndieGoGo. A few changes are being made, the wrap will be applied Thursday and maybe also Friday.


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