#UNRIG Log RV 1 Day 5


Did a recorded interview with Brent Turner of the National Association of Voting Officials, they are the champions of the Open Source Paper Ballot process, we agreed in principle that Cynthia and I would be invited to brief their Board — on camera we discussed the importance of a holistic approach to election reform, covering all twelve points of failure,  not just one.

Hired an accountant today, one trusted by Cynthia, for two reasons: to ensure our book-keeping and tax return are impeccable for a non-profit; and to give Cynthia a trusted pair of eyes on the books that I am keeping daily.

Had dinner with a fan in Atlanta, sushi, he paid, he’s done eleven start-up companies and we talked about how #UNRIG is in some ways the ultimate civics start-up.

Today was mostly driving, from Memphis to Atlanta, to get the RV into Adnormous.net gigantic workspace so it can be wrapped tomorrow and Friday.  I am in a Marriott with my full office set up for the next two days, catching up on Certificates and writing and book-keeping.