Stephen E. Arnold: Google Invests in Robot Reporters — Where’s the Truth?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Google Invests in Robot Reporters

People fear that robots will replace them in the workforce, but reporters did not have to deal with this worry.  Machines lack the capability to write cohesive news pieces, except that robots are getting smarter.  Google might become the bane of news reporters, because of Business Insider shares that, “Google Is Giving The Press Association £622,000 To Create An Army Of Robot Reporters.”  Google granted the Press Association £622,000 ($810,000) to develop robots the can write 30,000 stories per day for news outlets.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Apart from the fact that the digital world contains less than 10% of all relevant information, and that robots have zero contextual or ethical knowledge, this is yet another example of Google seeking to control and manipulate what is placed before the largely ignorant and very dependent public.

Google has the same problem our legitimately-elected President has: they have no grand strategy process, they don’t actually care about holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering, they are merely treating all digital information as click bait.

It’s hard to think of a stupider initiative if you value the truth and humanity.

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