#UNRIG MeetUp Violates the Law — Latest Communication

What MeetUp CEO Thinks of Our Legitimately-Elected President

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am contacting you in reference to the email below from, Sarah, your Community Experience Manager. Sarah and Meetup are absolutely in error when they reject [the #UNRIG] Meetup due to an [alleged] Alt-Rght  affiliation, which is offensive in and of itself.

As an early member and supporter of #UNRIG. I am an Independent, although registered Democrat in the state of PA, due to the fact we have closed Primaries. #UNRIG is not at all about Alt-Right of Alt-Left, it is about Truth and Integrity, which is lacking on both sides of the aisle. #UNRIG's mission is to bring transparency to government and demand accountability and reform in our election process.

Meetup is completely out of line with their actions, and I urge Meetup to rectify this situation with Mr. Steele, and the members of #UNRIG immediately.  Every day we are denied access is a violation of our organization acting in good faith and with utmost integrity, dignity, and transparency on behalf of the reformation of the United States with peace and prosperity as our sole objective.

Sincerely yours,

Beverly DeCer RN

Robert David STEELE Vivas



What a nice note. I really feel for the MeetUp Legal team, I know from personal experience how hard it is to serve an idiot executive who thinks he is above the law. We plan to file in all 50 states since MeetUp works in all 50 states, we may even go international. And of course we are moving directly to a class action rather than a singleton filing, my Alt Right *and* Cynthia's Alt Left media channels are all over this. [MeetUp has] until close of business today to accept one of our two offers of settlement, I sit down with our pro bono lawyer tomorrow in Charlottesville, VA. The publicity for us will be priceless, the cost to them will be at least $500K. The Facebook team — which has its own censorship issues — is loving this. I have asked my friends on the Facebook board to make us a pilot project and a MeetUp killer.

MeetUp Legal: in case you have not noticed, HQ is Dr. Cynthia McKinney, Alt-Left black female, six term member of Congress, and beloved human rights activist. You cannot win this case. The clock is ticking.

With a smile,

Earlier Email to MeetUp Legal:

This is going to get much much worse for you and your idiot CEO.  You have until close of business today to accept one of our two non-negotiable demands. On Saturday we begin our legal campaign for remediation.  Arbitration clause? Seriously? This is going to cost MeetUp vastly more than you and your CEO ever imagined.

———- Forwarded message ———-

On Friday, July 14, 2017 7:36 AM, ‘Campbell Rebecca' via Transpartisan Alliance <transpartisan-alliance@googlegroups.com> wrote:


Former Congresswoman/Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney on Facebook:  Here's what the legal@meetup.com wrote to #UNRIG (Transpartisan Conference Event Group): “I’d like to share the reasoning behind our decision. Meetup.com is about bringing people together and building lasting communities. While I can appreciate your inclusive intent, your group’s affiliation with the Alt-Right constituted a violation of our guidelines.” More intolerance from the “tolerance” crowd!

Rebecca Em Campbell
Rebecca Em Campbell  Meetup.com‘s Legal's cavalier “legal opinion” Cynthia cites here reveals that Meetup.com is indeed a deep state-controlled operation, and confirms my own observations and experience. If Meetup.com is indeed that opposed to the “alt-right”, then why has the Ron Paul-affiliated Campaign for Liberty had Meetup groups since at least 2008, including two long-running groups in the Seattle area from which one of their trolls unsubscribed me without my consent? It is also my observation and experience that the Seattle Transpartisan Alliance meetings were twice attended by government agents who came to disrupt them, and that its original organizer, being threatened, suddenly disappeared. So this also confirms that attempting to unite people in a time of great national division is one of the most threatening things one could do to the globalist crime syndicate that has since at least the early 20th century taken over the government of America.

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