#UNRIG MeetUp CEO Email Addresses + Email to MeetUp Legal from #UNRIG Member




We are taking this individual to court in both the US and the EU.

MeetUp @ Phi Beta Iota

#UNRIG @ Google


Email from Robert Steele to Scott Heiferman below the fold.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

I sure hope your legal team is briefing you properly and that you understand both the magnitude of your error and the consequences you will begin to incur on Monday.

MeetUp @ Phi Beta Iota

NEW: A Message to MeetUp from a #UNRIG Member:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am contacting you in reference to the cancellation of my MeetUp site (co-organizer) – which was done without letting me know why.

Last week I arranged to use a local library's room for my July meeting, at a cost of $40 for two hours. Now that my site is cancelled, I cannot use MeetUp to correspond to my 5 (so far) members or put out the word to others about the meeting.

I'm really offended as a MeetUp user and an early member and supporter of #UNRIG. I am registered Republican, although I've not been involved much in politics most of my life. I am motivated this year as I think my voice should be heard — don't you too? What I like about #UNRIG is that it is non-partisan and focused on positive change in things like the election processes in Michigan. #UNRIG is not at all about Alt-Right of Alt-Left, it is about Truth and Integrity, which is lacking on both sides of the aisle. #UNRIG’s mission is to bring transparency to government and demand accountability and reform in our election process. Do you not support that?

Meetup seems clearly out of line with their actions — please rectify this situation immediately with Mr. Steele, and the members of #UNRIG.

Sincerely yours,


2nd Email to MeetUp CEO:

As a supporter of Bernie Sanders campaign for President who realizes that our recent election was rigged I am writing to ask that you reconsider your position regarding Cynthia McKinney's work with Robert Steele in the battle for Election Integrity.
#UNRIG is a vital effort to build a peaceful transition to honest elections.
The pressure that you received against  #UNRIG comes from groups that need to keep America divided to maintain the status quo.
Please, restore our meetings and then join us in our efforts.
James Robert Coyle


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