#UNRIG Update: Inspirational Entertainment at Forthcoming Multi-Million Dollar Fund-Raisers for We the People Unity for Integrity Civics Education Campaign


This utterly brilliant, totally Christian, absolutely patriotic couple has agreed in principle to provide inspirational entertainment at two multi-million dollar fund-raisers being hosted for #UNRIG (Cynthia McKinney and Robert Steele). The first will be in Madison County in mid-August, and the second in Washington, DC in mid-September. Donors of $5000 and up to our Generosity by IndieGoGo campaign — or donating direct via our PayPal/EarthIntel account — are assured front row seats.  Hallie Neill, “a rapturous singing actress” (New York Times) and Theodore Lambrinos,  “a full throated, resonant baritone” (Boston Globe) will entertain with songs celebrating God and Country.

Meanwhile, here is Ray Charles singing what we propose as our new national anthem: