#UNRIG: We Bought the First RV


We bouight the first RV (used, $65K) If we can raise the money we are now thinking we should do two RVs (the new one for Cynthia is $85K) — this will double the visibility of our campaign as we strive to do 435 #UNRIG groups, one for each Congressional District. I was unsure of purchase when by God’s blessing Bob Oakley showed up, driving 6 hours from Georgia, to hand me $5,500 as a deposit. The IndieGoGo money will pay for the wrap ($5K), insurance ($2.5K), fuel and repair reserve, and then $20K down for a total of $25,500 down, the rest a secured loan. Do NOT give us another dime — your time and energy in attracting new donors is vastly more precious. May God Bless this endeavor; Cynthia joins me in thanking Bob for a completely unexpected gesture that carried the day. The wrap is being ordered, the bus will be on the road by 1 August — first stop the White House, second stop Congress, we will post those photos and seek your help in making the go viral. #UNRIG indeed. Mr. President, you said the system is rigged, why are you not leading #UNRIG yourself, personally, as your highest responsibility toward the restoration of Integrity to our government?

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