#GoogleGestapo: The Censorship of Alt-Right Deepens — Time for a RICO Action Against Google Et Al

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Google explains why it banned the app for Gab, a right-wing Twitter rival

Gab’s free-speech stance makes it popular with right-wing trolls and racists. [Updated]

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Phi Beta Iota: Steve Bannon is right — all of these services should be treated as public utlities and held to very high standards of non-discrimination. #UNRIG was cut off by MeetUp, which gave up $77,300 in revenue, because the extreme left now controls all media outlets while allowing #RESIST to advocate sedition, treason, the impeachment of our legitimately-elected president, and more.  #GoogleGestapo is in close alliance with AIPAC, Zionists, NeoCons, and George Soros as well as Goldman Sachs.  All bad.  Marcuse had it right — the “repressive tolerance” of the left, combined with its Zio-Con censorship of the right, is the end of Constitutional values as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

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