Robert Steele: John Kasich and John Hickenlooper Considering a Two-Party Tyranny “Unity” TIcket in 2020

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

NeverTrump Republican Kasich Considering 2020 “Unity” Ticket With Dem Gov

Establishment GOP publicly speculates about primary challenge

Under the plan, both Kasich and Hickenlooper would leave their respective parties and run as independents with Kasich at the top of the ticket, according to sources who spoke with Axios; the sources cautioned the idea of a “unity” ticket has only been casually talked about.

ROBERT STEELE: Completely apart from the idiocy of two old Deep State white guys running together, if John Kasich runs in 2020 I will rip him a new asshole — larger  than the one he already has. From NO LABELS to America Elects to the People’s Party to this new pretense, the integrity is simply not there. #UNRIG seeks to give our legitimately elected President a foundation for uniting the 70% who are excluded by the two-party tyranny along with the sane ethical wings of the two-party tyranny, so as to create an honest Congress that can make evidence-based decisions on a Constitutional Foundation and in the public interest. I absolutely guarantee that anyone who has risen to high political office is compromised in multiple ways and I will say right now that if John Kasich challenges for the Presidency in 2020 it is the last public run he will ever have. We will destroy him in detail.  In today’s WikiLeaks and citizen journalism era John Kasich cannot survive the aggregated stories that will be put before the public from all sources. I continue to pray that Donald Trump will take our #UNRIG hand and be the greatest president ever, but if he does not, 2018 and 2020 are going to be about going beyond Trump and Sanders to destroy the two-party tyranny in detail, uniting the 99% against the 1%, and forcing every Member of Congress to confront the reality that power cells of citizens in each Congressional District can destroy each of them overnight. The era of special interest control over the US Congress is OVER.

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For the record:

01 I worked very hard to get Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich to run in this fashion, but with a Coalition Cabinet and a Balanced Budget announced in advance, and what I learned, so sadly, is that neither one of them is willing to take on the two-party tyranny.  They are token rebels, not real rebels.

02 I offered John Kasich the concept of election reform and restoring integrity to government as a foundation for enhancing his 2016 candidacy, and he blew me off — in writing. This is not a man that gives a shit about integrity, this is a man that will do whatever it takes to lie, cheat, and steal his way to a win. He lacks both integrity and imagination….and he is not a winner.

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