Robert Steele: Trump Friday Tri-Fecta – End McCain, End Flake, End Feinstein, End Schumer…

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Trump under fire over epic Friday news dump

Both GOP senators from Arizona criticized his Joe Arpaio pardon, and Chuck Schumer accused Trump of using Hurricane Harvey as a shield.

ROBERT STEELE:  Politico is such a rotten rag.  The above article is totally lacking in integrity.  God Bless Donald Trump. Here are the facts:

01 Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an American hero who represents core American values. Senators John McCain and  Jeff Flake are political shysters who have been screwing over their constituents while selling out to the Deep State and partaking of the Satanic pedophilic “nirvana” that the servants of the Deep State “enjoy.”

02 Seb Gorka is an ignorant pretentious stuffed shirt that was — according to a Provost-level contact of mine — fired from the Marine Corps University for being stupid on government time (in the Marine Corps this is a court-martial offense). Gorka is an idiot. He should never, ever, have been appointed to any position in the White House.

03 The transgender guidelines are Trump's weak point. He is letting the military roll him on this one and also perhaps unaware that male rape is a real problem across the US military — the military has lost its integrity on multiple fronts and most flag oficers are richly deserving of court-martial for various betrayals of the public trust inclusive of partaking in Satanic rituals, sado-masochistic orgies, and libertine sex exchanges. Trump needs a “full court press” counterinteligence purge of the flag officer ranks across all four of the major military services most particularly including the Army and Marine Corps.

As a side note, I believe that Feinstein and Schumer are being blackmailed by the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Mossad. I believe that they are on video assaulting small children and doing despicable illegal acts. I believe they are both being blackmailed as well as bribed by multiple parties.  If Donald Trump had a proper counterintelligence advisor and a working FBI (he does not), all of this could be cleaned up quickly and efficiently.

This was a good week for Donald Trump. Next week — if he embraces #UNRIG — could be a better week.

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