#UNRIG LOG: Draft Schedule for Cynthia & Robert 2-13 September 2017

#Events, #UNRIG

Below is a draft schedule for a first tour by Cynthia and Robert. We are not raising the funds needed to stay on tour. We have enough money, after buying the RV and the wrap, for a two week tour.  See the posted budget here. If the tour does not yield the necessary funding we will be limited to skypes and zoom conferences, but we will certainly continue to advance the #UNRIG concept.  A statement from Cynthia on her vision for #UNRIG will be posted shortly.

SAT 2 SEP Cynthia departs Bangladesh
SUN 3 SEP Cynthia arrives in Atlanta
MON 4 SEP Atlanta Evening Event
TUE 5 SEP Memphis Evening Event
WED 6 SEP Houston Evening Event, bid for Univision
THU 7 SEP San Antonio Evening Event, bid for Alex Jones
FRI 8 SEP Denver Evening Event
SAT 9 SEP Driving toward San Francisco
SUN 10 SEP San Francisco Evening Event
MON 11 SEP Portland Evening Event
TUE 12 SEP Seattle Evening Event
WED 13 SEP Cynthia departs USA for Bangladesh, Robert drives RV to DC over several days perhaps via Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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