#UNRIG Log RV 1 (1 Aug 2017)


Today was about getting the RV repaired after the tree casualty wrecked the topper (awning) on the slide that pushes out from the bedroom (or the “Queen Bee” suite as Cynthia and I call it). Camping World continues to impress me. At Camping World Manassas (VA) General Manager Terry Granger took a personal interest and since I was not scheduled, appears to have done the job himself, aided by Service Advisor David George. Removing the warped parts yielded the critical manufacturing code that was not so cleverly buried under the wrapped topper, and this will allow Camping World Woodstock (GA) to order the parts tomorrow and have them ready for installation next Monday.

And now for our Truth Bomb, Facebook, and Tour Update:

01 The capricious descriminatory action of MeetUp, and particularly its CEO Scott Heiferman, has hurt us — and since we were a paid account with a net annual revenue to MeetUp of $77,300, it is clear that the MeetUp CEO is either a severely dysfunctional individual who cannot think in a balanced manner, or he is taking orders from AIPAC and is an Israel Firster. On the positive side, our Facebook Community #UNRIG is totally free and will have all 435 Groups (one for each Congressional District up and running by Friday), at which point half of our starting foundation will be in place. MeetUp's discriminatory action against former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinny and myself is noted and will be pointed to from now on beginning with the below cartoon that will be featured in a press release shortly.

02 Our social media and IT manager is working with others and we have three initiatives coming out in the next  ten days: a completely independent app that cannot be shut down by anyone to give our community its own base; a new screen saver with rolling headlines to deliver truth to those who opt it; and a Facebook paid advertising campaign that we believe will yield a greater return on investment than the money we were planning to spend on MeetUp.

03 Once I take the photo of the RV with wrap at the base of Capital Hill, we will launch a press release campaign and not stop.

04 We are not making our fund-raising numbers, in part because of a persistent conspiracy (triple damages); this matter has been turned over to the best defamation lawyer in Virginia if not the USA, and we will not comment further on this matter.

05 Angels have emerged. We received $39,000 from Portland, Oregon and $20,500 from Atlanta, Georgia, and have two or three other major donors who could go toward $50K to $250K.

06 We are approaching two more direct contacts of our President Donald Trump and striving once again to engage our President, who said we have a rigged system, such that he leads #UNRIG himself and we support him.

07 All politicians including Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard, and such luminaries as Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, Patrick Buchanan and Jesse Ventura, Ralph Nader and Jill Stein, refuse to engage with #UNRIG. They are afraid and playing it safe. Shame on all of them.

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