John Robb: Trump Insurgency is Dead, Trump Captured…

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
John Robb

The OODA loop of Trump's Insurgency has been Smashed

That insurgency is now over.  Its OODA loop is smashed.

Worried that Trump would end existing US spending/policies (largely, still geared to cold war priorities), the senior military staff running the Trump administration launched a counter-insurgency against the insurgency. They have been successful (if only they were half as good fighting against real world insurgencies).  Here's how:

  • Former generals took control of key staff positions.
  • They purged staff members that were part of the insurgency and tightly limited access to Trump.
  • Finally, and most importantly, they took control of Trump's information flow.

That final step changed everything.

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Tip of the Hat to Owl for referring this excellent post to Phi Beta Iota.

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