Review: How to Get Into the Real Ball Game of Politics

6 Star Top 10%, Democracy
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6 star focus on retaking the Republic one precinct at a time

5 — even 6 — for one single great idea. 29 pages of double-spaced substance (the rest is a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, also double-spaced and always worth reading).

Dan, who I am fortunate to know personally, could be the Patrick Henry of our time, sounding the alarm over the demise of democracy, but also showing us a crystal clear readily achievable solution: GET INVOLVED. Dan has studied the precinct level of politics (and is himself a member of a Republican precinct in Arizona) and documents, in no uncertain terms, that the fastest way of restoring integrity to our goverment is to GET INVOLVED ***at the precinct level***

Put most simply, absent Donald Trump getting serious about the Election Reform Act of 2017 that buries the two-party tryanny led by pedophiles and serving the Deep State, I rate Dan Schultz as #2 after Steve Bannon in the ranks of those who might lead us forward to defeat the Satantic criminals now in change of the USA. America the Beautiful — America of God, community, family, and integrity – is restorable. Dan has a plan, he just needs 50 million of us to listen.

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