Steven Roberts: Cuban Sonic Weapons, Russian Jamming of US Naval Systems

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Steven Roberts

That Cuban “Sonic Weapon” Mystery Just Became More Mysterious

Remember the electronic jamming and destruction by the Russians of the destroyer the Donald Cook in the black sea? And now the two collisions of our two missile attack ships in the Asian waters? Our best offensive weapons rendered useless. Now some other sonic weapon is being used against the diplomats in Cuba. Maybe a warning has been issued to the war hungry generals that they may get their butts kicked if they try anything.

Maybe that is why we are not at war in Korea. Maybe that is why all 12 aircraft carriers were at port in Virginia at the same time last year. An incident not widely talked about was the aircraft carrier group sailing into the north Atlantic while the Russians were practicing war games.  They were told to stay away but felt they had to put on a show of force and headed there anyway. The Russians sent the same fighter aircraft over the battle group and within seconds the aircraft carrier was blinded and lost most of it’s electronic warfare capabilities. It diverted to northern Scotland for an unscheduled two week port of call.

By what ever means it happens, I want the US military to stay home and not make war anywhere else ever again. I believe in the defense of the home land but not the defense of the corporations doing business all over the world, often at the expense of the people and land they are exploiting. The article at the link above will put a few of the puzzle pieces together to suggest a contrived action.

Pray for peace each and every day.  We can manifest our own future and reality. The power of human consciousness will shape our future. So what future do you want  for yourself and the children of tomorrow? Imagine it and meditate on it, ask the Creator to make it so. Believe in it, give it your energy every day. I believe the Cabal are getting more despite every day. They want you to live in fear and to feel helpless. They want you to give away your POWER to change your future. Join the millions around the world sending messages of love and peace to the universe. Be the change you want to see!


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