Yoda: Wisdom from a $10K Donor to #UNRIG

Cultural Intelligence

Continue to learn, grasshopper.

A superior way of interacting with the public in the conspiracy theory arena would be to objectively present possible arrays of facts. Acknowledging you don’t have any reliable sourcing aside from your experience. This way you hedge your bets when a mistake is made. This allows for more fault recovery with an intact reputation.

Also, explaining why you don’t wish to punish these elites in terms of Sun Tzu and not cornering an enemy so you can defeat them is important. This is a key element of why people believe you are a shill. I know that a cornered enemy fights to the death. Victory is best achieved by giving them a place to run so resistance is minimized. Routed enemies do not need to be overcome. I know Cornering them deliberately with no hope of escape was suggested by Tzu. Normal people will not know this. Dropping this nugget often will begin to dispell the suspicion I think. This is a key pressure point of doubt.

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