Mongoose: Gaddafi on Zionist Assassination of JFK over Dimona Nuclear Program

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Phi Beta Iota: JFK was killed because he fired Allen Dulles and was taking on the Deep State including the Zionists. Yitzhak Rabin was Israel's official representative, in Dallas on the day, but Israel was a collaborator, not the instigator. Lyndon Baines Johnson, may God sentence him to Hades in eternity, blessed the assassination plan by Allen Dulles, recently fired Director of Central Intelligence (a Wall Street front), and ensured that the assassination was covered up, in part by assigning Allen Dulles, the lead assassin, to the Warren Commission to ensure the official narrative, all lies, was pursued. The Zionists (not to be confused with decent Jews world-wide) have much to pay for, but in this instance Gaddafi is wrong — Americans assassinated Kennedy, the Zionists were merely spectators cheering from the sidelines.

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