Mongoose: Is Arnon Milchan Zionism Strike Seven, Connecting Zionist Complicity in Assassination of John F. Kennedy, 9/11, Pedophilia Entrapment and Blackmail, Gold War, and More?

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The below email was received from a citizen and is posted for information.

As received (titles added under links)…

I wasn't sure if you were aware but regarding your comments on Zionism being targeted, some recent info linking I found interesting:

Hollywood Producer Arnon Milchan Interrogated Over Suspicion That He Bribed Netanyahu

Netanyahu possibly indicted on receiving bribes from Arnon Milchan. This name is important and one I think you might already be familiar with. In case you are not…

Arnon Milchan was responsible for smuggling the Nuclear Triggers to Israel through his company. A company Netanyahu happened to work for at one time. Arnon Milchan is admittedly Mossad, so open in fact it is published in a new biography and also Haeretz.

Arnon Milchan was involved in this assumedly during JFK presidency. I am sure you are familiar that JFK had a serious issue with Israel having Nuclear weapons going so far as to threaten cutting off aid to Israel completely. He demanded several tours of their nuclear energy & what they called a “text tile factory.” He was duped of course and they cut off the floor containing nuclear weapons.

What makes this interesting is a few months later Ben Gurion resigns over the JFK nuclear fiasco. Shortly after JFK is assassinated. What is REALLY interesting to me is finding out Arnon Milchan funded/produced the Oliver Stone JFK assassination movie. This acted as propaganda against the CIA pushing all blame onto the agency. I find this reprehensible considering Arnon being the smuggler of nuclear triggers to Israel from Pennsylvania when JFK would not allow it to continue and is assassinated for this fact. Leading up to Arnon himself being bold enough to make the anti CIA propaganda film not even mentioning their own role.

It goes FARTHER than that with Milchan. He produced an episode of a film just a few months before the Twin Towers were hit by planes. This episode featured remote control planes hitting buildings. This blows my mind. Not only did he produce such months before the Twin Towers are hit but he also produced yet ANOTHER film of planes targeting a building called “medussa.”

Now Arnon is accused of bribing Netanyahu. Other Israeli sources say Netanyahu was asking for these gifts. To keep quiet? No idea but the entire system linking tightly around Arnon Milchan is extremely interesting. he has really been into some shit.

In case you weren't aware of his relations I wanted to send you this. There is a lot going on with this Milchan guy I am extremely surprised it is allowed and openly so public. He has been involved in a lot of hollywood propaganda and I AM SURE the WTC. With Israeli security there that day you just know it. What exactly is his current role with Netanyahu that is the question.

Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge but we believe that Arnon Milchan, not Jeffrey Epstein, is the “hub” for understanding the Zionist “system” implemented in the USA since World War II. At the same time that CIA imported Nazis that ultimately dominated both CIA and NASA — while rescuing Adolph Hilter, most top Nazis, and much of their treasure, the Zionists “occupied” Wall Street and Hollywood and eventually took over the mainstream media and social media. There is a system. It has not been properly mapped and the FBI is simply not a serious  counterintelligence agency, but all that could change in the future. Robert Steele has listed five strikes against Zionist Israel in his recent article on War in the Middle East, strike six is Netanyahu's blowing off the progressive and reform Jews (the majority), Arnon Milchan — if and when he is exposed in detail — could be strike six — unlike Robert Maxwell, who focused on software penetrations, Milchan appears to have not only been central to nuclear smuggling, but to shaping a quarter century of public consciousness culminating in 9/11 as the ultimate Zionist PSYOP and false flag operation (managed by Dick Cheney, a wholly owned Zionist asset whose original mentor, George Bush Senior, is now known to have been an active participant in the assassination of JFK who also tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan eight times . The only thing that the US public will explode over other than pedophilia, is a clear connection between Zionism, pedophilia, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and 9/11 — the USS Liberty and Las Vegas are icing on the cake. Arnon Milchan appears to be central to the core atrocities committed across the USA by Zionists in the past 50 years. We speculate that he was central to the theatrical narrative played out on 9/11, including fake airplanes and the preparation of the AIG floor with Hollywood-style explosions. If and when a proper independent 9/11 investigation is done, we have recommended to Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth that Arnon Milchan be a principal subject of interest. We are also recommending to the Attorney General that all of Arnon Milchan's emails and calls be pulled for the past decade from the NSA unprocessed data, and examined with great care.

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