Stephen E. Arnold: MongoDB Files IPO — Should Amazon Be Their Target?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Mongo DB Position upon Filing IPO

This article at Datamation, “MongoDB’s Mongo Moment,” suggests MongoDB is focused on the wrong foe. As the company filed for its $100 million IPO, its CEO Dev Ittycheria observed that competitor Oracle is “vulnerable” because it has lost appeal to developers. However, writer Matt Asay asserts developers never were very fond of Oracle, and that MondoDB’s real competition is AWS (Amazon Web Services). He posits:

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I still believe Amazon could be the hub of the World Brain (not Google, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter) but on it’s present course Amazon is like a 20th century aircraft carrier — impossible to turn and so very vulnerable to a Chinese torpedo (or an Iranian missile or a Russian electromagnetic pulse attack). Below is my Amazon movie.  Still relevant. All Bezos has to do is recognize that a) knowledge at the paragraph level and people at the individual level need to be connected on substance; and b) crypto-value, crypto-exchange, crypto-tools, and crypto-intelligence are next-up. Now that Ethereum has crashed, proving yet again the vulnerabilities of block chain systems (never mind their scaling and time management issues), the way is open for MongoDB to explode in ways its CEO may not be contemplating.

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