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New screenplay in search of $1M below the fold.

FALSE FLAG – Americana Pictures — Seeking $1M Investment

A popular TV journalist risks his job, reputation, and life when he strays from mainstream programming to reveal a historical conspiracy.  His search for truths leads him into unexpected romance with a beautiful patriot-singer, but into a deadly struggle against treasonous government servants and ruthless Zionist agents. This edge-of-your-seat “political thriller” promotes the need for journalistic integrity and courage in exposing and preventing duplicitous attacks on America (elevating the “War on Terror” to WWIII).

“False Flag” is a powerful, contemporary story of action, intrigue and romance – with direct connection to the little known, but very real and devastating assault on the USS Liberty, a defenseless intelligence ship.  This sneak attack killed 34 seaman and wounded 174 others, in a botched Israeli operation to be blamed on Egypt.  The massacre was covered-up by top U.S. government officials and, with media complicity, altered America’s role in the Middle East.  Since then, our nation’s representatives have consistently placed the interests of apartheid Israel above our own, endangering every American – and replacing peace and justice with war and tyranny.

This motion picture introduces an underground franchise character, “the Echo”, and is the first in a planned trilogy, which challenges Hollywood’s destructive propaganda with truth-based, quality entertainment.  “False Flag” has the theme of restoring “America first” to our foreign policy.  The second motion picture has the theme of restoring domestic tranquility through a political campaign to protect our borders and national interests, and restore our Constitution and traditional/Christian values – thereby reversing the Marxist’s “long march through our institutions”.  The last addresses “Global-Elitist” efforts to destroy nations and create a “New World Order” through banking and business cartels and political corruption.

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