#UNRIG: Reflections of a Citizen From Maine

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

I have followed your work – mostly on YouTube – since just after 9/11. I have included you on my hero's list –
you are up at the top – right up there with Catherine Austin Fitts, Jeff Rinse, Kerry Cassidy, Joesepth Farrell, Jim Willie, Bix Wier, Max Keiser, Steve Pieczenik, David Stockman, and many many others …

( I would watch Alex Jones more often – but he is such a Bombast – his information is usually good – but his style completely turns me off !!!  😉
I have been a follower of Lyndon LaRouche for many years. I have spent many hours listening to Webster Tarpley.

For a long stretch I was reading Benjamin Fulford every week – but I have really had to reign in my tendency to just: “believe it all” – I have reached a level of thinking that I need to try to have more discernment – ( I have come to believe that there is a tremendous amount of “dis-information” that is being put out there – simply as “fear porn” to mislead people into places where they just get lost … (disinfo – to muddy the water).

in the search for “truth” – it is necessary to keep a firm grip on what we know is “real” – – lest we get lost in fantasy land 😉

My world view has changed unbelievably from the planet I thought I was living on in … 1969

The assassination of JKF was … definitely a key inflection point – in my growing up.

When I was a kid – we were still saying the pledge of allegiance – I had respect!
– my father was in the Navy – he put in his 20 years and got out with a half pension –  he was a Chief – he was in electronics –

… I'm trying to keep this short –

In 1965 I was 13 years old, when my parents bought a house in South Portland.
It had more than a half acre of land.  It was two story. It was old but it had four bedrooms, and a full basement.  It had a tiny  detached garage, but it also had 100'x100′ of garden space, a great raspberry patch – an old apple tree that was great for climbing, and a great maple shade tree. They paid $12,500.
Same piece of property today?  … $250K WTF !!!

but – I want you to know that I do “get it” – >>> that crime and corruption … and greed, and graft, and hypocrisy – and people in service to themselves – who lie cheat and steal – and use, and abuse (!!!) their fellow humans … …  actually I believe that most people are good people at heart – it is just that they don't know that they have been lied to – and lead astray – they believe the MSM – they believe that those “in charge” have their  best interests at heart –
and they can't believe ( !!!!!!! ) that their leaders might be … hmmm …  not what they pretend to be – ? ? ?

I voted for Trump.

the fish rots from the head down – hierarchy / command structure – it may be efficient in the heat of battle – or during an emergency – but – it should not be the normal – everyday – usual way that people interact with one another –

Affirming, promoting, or characterized by belief in equal political, economic, social, and civil rights for all people.
https://www.thefreedictionary. com/egalitarian
is what human society should be.
I believe.

We need to level the playing field.

So –  I greatly admire your work. I want to get involved in your “movement”
I am sending this along with my donation ( Merry Christmas! 😉  and I am delighted to  “open up a conversation”  with you.

I want you to know that your offer … that you will actually respond to this –
has been a great motivator for me to write this – so I want to take this opportunity that I hope you will try to answer a question for me –

I have been reading a lot of the offerings from Anna Von Reitz. I have been aware of the “Sovereignty movement” materials for some time. I have looked into the work of Winston Shrout, and Frank O'Collins, Oh, and there was that other guy – hmmm – Robert Menard (spelling? ) – he likes to call himself a “Freeman on the land” … I have visited the BarefootsWorld website – There are lots of people out there talking about natural law, and common law. And, I have only just recently bumping into: Judge Dale – The Great American Adventure (pdf document)

http://stopthecrime.net/docs/ THE-GREAT-AMERICAN-ADVENTURE. pdf

O.k. – so here is the bottom line …

years ago I got into it with a friend of mine – and his thing was – look at all the good things we have – look at the fancy houses and the cool cars – look at all this great stuff!!! We are wealthy!  (human kind – as a species – in general) So, what am I complaining about – ? (He asked.)

and my point back to him was ( and I didn't express this very well at the time )
but – what I tried to say was – (something like) imagine the wonderful world that this could be – if every human being on the planet was included –  and contributing to the maximum of his/her true potential – our real  talents –
if there was no waste, or fraud – no crime, no corruption –  no war, no killing, no hatred, no abuse – no assassination of presidents – no terrorism –  no “war on drugs” no pollution
[ And, this was before I learned about MK Ultra! And, Chem trails!!! AND GLYPHOSATE !!!! ]

A peaceful world a safe harmonious – “integral” (Ken Wilber 😉 world – this is our true birth right – this is the world that “THEY” have stolen from us – and they  toss back to us a few trinkets – a few crumbs – and “allow” us to survive –
work! work! work! – do as you are told – > pay that interest –  go shopping – be a good “consumer” and maybe you will have a nice house – … maybe you will get to drive a fancy car – (Ha, ha – I was so young and naive back then)

(actually the  goal seems to be that we should be kept alive – as sick as possible – for as long as possible  – to maximize the hospital bills )

What I am waking up to – [ and you really hit me right between the eyes tonight – when you said that the State governments are worse than the Federal government – that pedophillia is happing in every town – and that there is probably a “kill room” just down the street from here –  ]

These problems are enormous –  and – there are so many many problems –
and often I have been feeling very overwhelmed – but then I think – I remember that most human beings are good people trapped in a bad system – all of these problems are coming down to us – from a very tiny fraction of people –  who have clawed there way to the tipity top of a very evil control grid / hierarchy

It is this single control grid / matrix / hierarchy that is the single source of all our problems – (mostly – more than any other single thing – it is our fiat money system – the Federal Reserve – that is the root of all our troubles  but they miscalculated when they gave us the internet – and if we all – (not even all) if just large portions of “us”/we – stoped buying their shit – if we took all our money out of their banks – if we buy gold and silver – and cash in all the stocks and bonds – if we stopped voting in the “RIGGED” elections – I think we could get their attention  😉

So, the question I wanted to ask you is – regarding this sovereignty stuff –
let's just contrast  Judge Anna Von Reitz with Judge Dale  ?  What do you think? at first blush it looks to me like they are saying basically the same things – are they (these two) …  just the same? ( or/ not? )

Of all the sovereignty info out there –
– what is my best resource?
– Who should I be listening to?
– Where do I find the best recipe for a remedy?

I mean this is really “IT” for me, man! I expected the money system to be corrupt – but when I found out that the legal system is all a great stinking pile of pooh / HOAX !!! This is just too much!!!! It's time for revolution.

I hope you are having a great day!
Thank you.


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