Yoda: Deep State End of Times — A Hint

Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Love vibrations to Julian Assange & Q, send we….

wikileaks' twitter says they're dropping the mother lode: 700 terabytes called…  are you ready? …”the deep state files”.  julian promised it would cripple the deep state forever.  and the Q stuff is just as good.

Q's first post ever (Oct 28) began with a pic of the painting of GW crossing the Delaware. He uploaded it again yesterday.  Today, the DOD's twitter uploaded it. Q fans losing their minds.  Also, USNavy twitter posted a confession that one of their authorized guys posted just the name Julian Assange for no apparent reason. stuff's happenin'.  when i found out mad dog went to guantanamo i was praying it was prep for incoming prisoners.  Heh! it's been 15 months since Julian dropped the Podesta emails. everyone who's gone thru 'em wants this shit to end.  and i really believe it will.  that EO combined with–what? 120 CEOs retiring? Have you seen that list? corporate america is getting decapitated.

Q wished everyone a Merry Christmas and said that 2018 will be GLORIOUS.

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